True Blood – 7×10 Thank You (Series Finale) – by S.

After seven years of airing, Sunday 24 August was broadcast the finale of True Blood, and as all final sparked great controversy among fans; There have been many accusations to authors, But despite a few bumps here and there I don't think it was possible to do better or that the story could end very differently, at least not without losing consistency.

True Blood – 7×03 Fire In The Hole – by S.

In this episode there is less reflection, less attention to the changing world and the new status quo created in Bon Temps in favor of much more action. The minor storylines intersect until merge together in the final twist, True Blood-style: a series of events that seem to put there by chance but that, unexpectedly, lead to something relevant.

True Blood – 7×01 Jesus Gonna Be Here " (Season Premiere) – by S.

Sunday 22 June Louisiana vampires are back on our screens with a premiere by discrete listening (4 million viewers during the first airing, 5,8 million including replicas: figures broadly in line with those of last year); This first episode sets the tone and atmosphere of the seventh and final season: a darker tone and an almost apocalyptic atmosphere, overall a scenario much more negative and serious than those to which we were accustomed to True Blood.

We make the point: True Blood – by S.

Si avvicina a grandi passi il 22 giugno, data della première della settima ed ultima stagione di True Blood; le vicende degli abitanti di Bon Temps sono sempre state quanto meno peculiari, ma soprattutto, pur mantenendo sullo sfondo una costante attenzione al tema dell’accettazione e della convivenza, si sono completamente rinnovate di anno in anno; si può davvero dire che i Truebies ne abbiano viste di tutti i colori, ragion per cui è più che mai utile rinfrescarci la memoria sugli avvenimenti più recenti.