The Walking Dead – 5×10 Them – Review by R.

“We…are the walking dead”, una citazione, ovviamente di Rick Grimes, che dà una carica – perlomeno allo spettatore – in un episodio dominato dalla più tetra disperazione ed emotivamente difficile da affrontare. Siamo a tre settimane dagli eventi di Atlanta, a 60 miglia da Washington, è da un giorno e mezzo che non trovano acqua e, tanto per migliorare le cose, anche il loro ultimo camioncino li lascia a piedi.

The Walking Dead – 5×04 Slabtown – by R.

Hope that last week's cliffhanger finds immediate response falls into the void, with a bet predictably Beth-centric, but I really enjoyed – although I'm afraid I'm in the minority, but he was among the very few sad over the death of Lori! After the death of the youngest of the sisters Greene was normal devote 40 minutes to her to find out what had happened to; But unlike season four episode dedicated entirely to the Governor, This was something else: action, horror, There have been moments of tension and disgust to frame the evidence for evolution […]

News: first trailer for the fifth season of The Walking Dead – by R.

The first official trailer of the fifth season of The Walking Dead is finally here, distributed by AMC at this year 2014 the Comic Con. If the Season Finale had left us with a cliffhanger high-tension, These first images don't disappoint expectations, Indeed the scene suggests that this new season will be even stronger than the previous. If you don't want spoilers don't watch the trailer and not continue reading because important advances are not lacking.