The Walking Dead – 8×15 Worth – Review by R.

While avoiding spoilers like a minefield, Sunday night – direct cause of Wrestlemania – I glimpsed on social commentary to the episode of The Walking Dead during the American airing. Enthusiastic. On the one hand I thought that as usual they put the turbo before the finale, on the other, I decided to take it with a grain of salt. In hindsight, and despite positive ratings are not missed, I was right to not flatter myself.

The Walking Dead – 8×06 The King, The Widow and Rick – Review by R.

This episode is a competition to see who takes the worst decision, at the end it's hard to decide who to give the not coveted. Surely no one removes the writers, responsible for everything we're seeing with immense effort in weeks (not to say for months). We jump from one place to another for 40 minutes without anything happening to relevant, no step forward, on the contrary, If you do not turn on themselves, It is much more likely to jump back.