The Walking Dead – 7×09 Rock in the Road (Mid-Season Premiere) – Review by R.

I state that to this episode are very biased; the disappointment for the first part of this season meant that the return of the AMC show I possibly rather indifferent, I'm sorry I just, but I can't deny that for me The Walking Dead is lowered greatly the past two seasons. This Mid-Season Premiere is an episode in the media, After a half hour calm and repetitive at times, is unleashed in the last fifteen minutes.

The Walking Dead – 7×04 Service – Review by R.

In advance of the week indicated to Rick, Negan occurs for the first tour in his new Cologne and, you know, the surprise visits are often sources of trouble. By ’ disturbing knock knock at the gate of Alexandria you have the feeling that we will have before minutes tensile loads, where every small sign of non-cooperation could give a ’ other carnage. But this time to allow ourselves to be blown away is not the spilled blood (that there is ’), but a few words of Rick no less painful than a real wound.

The Walking Dead – 7×03 The Cell – Review by R.

If you have managed to withstand the continuous passage of the song Easy Street (The Collapsable Hearts Club, available on iTunes for those who want to repeat all the infinite l ’ ’ experience), you have got acquainted with the base camp of the Saviors. After exploring the gay community and pacifica of The Kingdom, This time we are in fact introduced in the Kingdom of Negan, The Sanctuary.

The Walking Dead – 7×01 The Day Will Come When You Won t Be ’ (Season Premiere) – Review by R.

It's been over six months since The Walking Dead has left us with that questionable cliffhanger. To want to tease you even more, This year the premiere came with about 10 days later than we were used to the timing. But tonight the victim of Negan was finally revealed and every minute he made straight to reach higher levels at presentation of man as the most evil villain ever.

The Walking Dead – 6×15 East – Review by R.

It promises to be a tough week for us fans of The Walking Dead. Not only will the Season Finale with the coveted and anticipated arrival of Negan, but our emotional stability is put to the test as never before in previous seasons because a final episode so don't you'd never expected. I sent back the final minutes because he believed he had lost a key frame that would change everything; but no, I had not seen bad.