The X-Files – 10×06 My Struggle II (Final) – Review by R.

The miniseries of The X-Files has come to an end. We knew it was going to an event and as such intended for a definitive conclusion, not a one night stand, but almost. Chris Carter is clearly not d ’ agreement and pledged to challenge FOX to renew the series for that which in fact would be its 11th season. The final was in fact closed with a cliffhanger before which the scenes post credits for X-Men that anticipate the next film appear more conclusive.

The X-Files – 10×05 Babylon – Review by R.

The idea of the conspiracy which uses alien technologies presented in premiere has adapted the mystery at the base of the nine seasons of The X-Files to the current reality. This episode goes even further in today's world by tapping the terrorist issue and addressing issues even provocative on ’ "angry God" of the Bible and the Koran and the profound love and hate that a human being can try.

The X-Files – 10×02 Founder ’ s Mutation – Review by R.

Initially the idea of revival of a series symbol as The X-Files I had made up their noses. The cinema has accustomed us to sequel bad even when they had every reason to be a success and that now unfortunately not even the Haitian of Heroes would cross me off your mind. The second episode of The X-Files confirm the good impressions of the premiere, Indeed the exceeds.