Revenge – 4×22 Plea – Review by R.

Revenge is giving a final rush where the voltage does not cease even for a minute; even with everything that happens in "Plea" is hard to believe that Miss a single episode all ’ goodbye to our favorite retaliator. Forty minutes of rollovers, Returns and a departure that cast a shadow on ’ quite heavy impending Series Finale ’.

Revenge – 4×18 Clarity – Review by R.

Are very rare episodes where I disagree with the choices of Emily, "Clarity" is one of those, at least until the final scene which is very different from what announced in previous minutes. A conclusion with a bang in an episode where Amanda and Nolan are not for correctness, while Mrs. Grayson he reprises his role from ruthless manipulator of the Hamptons.

Revenge – 4×14 Kindred – Review by R.

An episode entirely focused on the conclusion of the storyline, which is the background for some time now, — Louise and its legal protection. Occupying a prominent place, through the (seconde) wedding with Nolan in ’ hosted former Grayson Manor, the story of Amanda and Margaux are only the ’ interlude which remain however most curious.

Revenge – 4×13 Abduction – Review by R.

Il ciclo di Malcolm Black si è sviluppato in tempi brevi, fortunatamente; ho già espresso il mio malcontento rispetto a queste rivalità con super potenti inarrivabili e organizzati al pari di un’associazione a delinquere, dopotutto il punto forte di Revenge sono le dinamiche negli Hamptons e in particolare tra Amanda Clarke e Victoria Grayson. Col senno di poi però la storyline di Malcolm Black non mi è dispiaciuta, non solo ha avuto il suo senso rispetto al travagliato ritorno di David, ma ha anche permesso di piantare semi interessanti per i prossimi episodi.