The Walking Dead – 7×01 The Day Will Come When You Won t Be ’ (Season Premiere) – Review by R.

It's been over six months since The Walking Dead has left us with that questionable cliffhanger. To want to tease you even more, This year the premiere came with about 10 days later than we were used to the timing. But tonight the victim of Negan was finally revealed and every minute he made straight to reach higher levels at presentation of man as the most evil villain ever.

The Walking Dead – 6×15 East – Review by R.

It promises to be a tough week for us fans of The Walking Dead. Not only will the Season Finale with the coveted and anticipated arrival of Negan, but our emotional stability is put to the test as never before in previous seasons because a final episode so don't you'd never expected. I sent back the final minutes because he believed he had lost a key frame that would change everything; but no, I had not seen bad.

The Walking Dead – 6×05 Now – Review by R.

"Now" could be summed up with the joke "It ’ 's the end of the world" and its replicas, from the most mundane "It's not" ’ "This is what life looks like now", long awaited kisses. Except for some time, in my mind continued to echo the refrain of the song by R.E. M. "It's the ’ end of the world as we know it" and I don't say that in a good way. After a promising start indeed, l ’ episode settles on the consciousness of the inhabitants of Alexandria on the current reality and the resulting panic reactions and yield.

The Walking Dead – 6×03 Thank You – Review by R.

If one of the players remains in trend on Twitter for full day ’, you realize that something really big happened. What happened, however, has exceeded my every expectation. "Thank You" is an episode in which death is around the corner for all ’, This is clear from the minutes. And for the first time in a long time at the hands of walkers, What makes l ’ goodbye to a possible character in unpredictable ways, as well as brutal and disgusting.

The Walking Dead – 6×01 First Time Again (Season Premiere) – Review by R.

The Walking Dead is back, but above all the walkers are back, they've never seen so many together. In recent times only Game of Thrones gave equally spectacular scenes: the Visual impact of the ’ mass of walkers is the highlight of the premiere, especially when we see them marching behind Daryl's bike, a ’ image that he consecrate his character – as if proof were needed.