True Blood – 7×10 Thank You (Series Finale) – by S.

After seven years of airing, Sunday 24 August was broadcast the finale of True Blood, and as all final sparked great controversy among fans; There have been many accusations to authors, But despite a few bumps here and there I don't think it was possible to do better or that the story could end very differently, at least not without losing consistency.

True Blood – 7×07 May Be The Last Time – by S.

In the last episodes of the latter season True Blood finds the perfect balance between all its distinguishing features: In addition to an unusual introspection and reflection on death, New this year, We find indeed the typical sex scenes (thank you, Arlene) and the typical comic moments almost ridiculous, all accompanied by a rich selection of old characters and references to past, to continue that “back to basics” that the season has focused from the very first episode.

True Blood – 7×05 Lost Cause – by S.

A typical episode from mid-season: defeated the main enemy of the first arc of season, namely the gang of infected vampires who was to exterminate the population of Bon Temps, True Blood takes a small break from the action and fighting to allow us to catch your breath and enjoy it for a moment last week's success.