Revenge – 4×11 Epitaph – Review by R.

Revenge riprende esattamente dove ci aveva lasciati, a piangere di una tragica morte da cui è difficile riprendersi non solo per il personaggio coinvolto, ma anche per le circostanze in cui è avvenuta. Proprio queste ultime determinano cambiamenti e sviluppi di ogni storyline in gioco, a partire da questo episodio.

Revenge – 4×10 Atonement – Review by R.

By now we should have learned, the tenth episode of every season of Revenge - perhaps less than the second – is always equal to the ninth of Game of Thrones: we expect a dramatic turn of events intended to change the course of events. And this time it's even worse, because it missed its flashforward; although a clue could be caught in a positive that covered the protagonist since the premiere, who in this episode is manifested at its highest.

Revenge – 4×09 Intel – Review by R.

I can not say I loved this episode, well for half an hour I was with a big question mark on where they wanted to end, because while maintaining the link with the recent events seemed that nothing significant would happen. Again, however, the conversation between Amanda and Daniel has a positive effect, that's where it all starts to light leading us to the final twist.

Revenge – 4×07 Ambush – Review by R.

When an episode of Revenge begins with a flash-forward we know that we have to start worrying, although the scene sees Victoria Grayson lying in the road; moreover we have learned well from the very first flash-forward who opened the pilot: nothing is as it seems in the Hamptons. Yet the episode distracts us so well with the more or less unexpected encounters between the various characters and developments of the investigation of each, that when the time comes I anticipated it to me I was just forgotten.

Revenge – 4×05 Repercussions – Review by R.

Emily Thorne is ready to return Amanda Clarke. The return in the Season Premiere still seemed distant in the face of doubts and fears of the protagonist, starts slowly in this episode. "My father needs Amanda Clarke", is this awareness to drive Emily in his path, a slow path, But if successful the will ensure a better result than we would have dared to dream when she began her revenge.

Revenge – 4×04 Meteor – Review by R.

The episode from the third season finale we've been waiting for is finally here, sooner than I thought and very differently, but still terribly exciting. And it's not over because this is just the first step of the father-daughter reunion, with David still unaware of the true identity of the woman who was about to kill.

Revenge – 4×03 Ashes – Review by R.

Looked like he had gone the previous episode, I was pretty worried about what might happen, anticipating a growing nervous by the minute. And indeed so it was between doing good by Emily, the stupidity of Charlotte and David and Victoria's perfidy, all amplified by a fact that now begins to suspect the protagonist: Mrs Grayson has an ACE up his sleeve and Amanda has, indeed may not have the faintest idea what it is.