24: Live Another Day – Day 9 – EP. 09 – 7 p. m. – 8 p. m. – by R.

The good news that we have been waiting in the previous episode arrives in this; or rather had already arrived, but we were aware. As I had mentioned the resignation does not belong to Jack Bauer and even when the situation is desperate does find a technicality that if does not lead to success course, at the very least earns him time. At the same time as the son of Margot, Ian, about the footage of the attack against Heller we understand that something is wrong.

24: Live Another Day – Day 9 – EP. 08 – 6 p. m. – 7 p. m. – by R.

"The United States does not negotiate with terrorists". This statement we heard from Mark a few episodes ago to prevent the President contrattasse with Jack giving him time to provide evidence of the imminent terrorist attack. Now is not that always repeats Heller because Bauer should bow to the blackmail of Margot. The two men are also trusted men of Audrey his father, choosing them as the only ones informed about your decision to surrender to Al-Harazi in Exchange for the destruction of the drones.

24: Live Another Day – Day 9 – EP. 06 – 4 p. m. – 5 p. m. – by R.

Jack is back on the field. And whatever he wants – Kate Morgan included – they must be given immediately. The first, Sola, right decision since the beginning of this Day 9. Proof that Bauer was right about everything had not been enough to lower his head to the men in charge involved; It served the explosion of a missile against the CIA team – with all the consequent public alarm – to let him know what they should have learned years ago: Jack Bauer is the only one who knows what needs to be done and is willing to do that.

24: Live Another Day – Day 9 – EP. 03 – 1 p. m. – 2 p. m. – by R.

Jack Bauer has accustomed us to not have a moment of time and in this installment is the protagonist of two chases, the first as "Hunter" of eclectic Simone, the second as "prey" of the unstoppable Kate Morgan. And while the latter leads to a conclusion of turbulent episode, the one that sees him move from side to side in London between cars and metro, ends in nothing from the point of view of mission, but in a profound moment between Jack and Chloe.

24: Live Another Day – Day 9: 12 p. m. – 1 p. m – by R.

The Dream Team-Chloe Jack back in action and if it were not for the intervention of the CIA agents would be immediately successful. Proving the perfect collaborative chemistry between the two, Everything flows as smoothly in a game tried several times – the world mode is on, Football comparisons are required – as if these 4 years of separation had not affected anything.