Once Upon A Time 7 – You open a new book for the season 7 – by R.

Now we, the seventh season of "Once Upon A Time" is about to debut, a whole new season because the adventure of the helper Emma Swan – and that of so many other characters who have accompanied us during these six years – saw its conclusion with the final battle of episodes 6×21-22. Everything in the sixth season seemed to indicate the definitive end of the ABC show, the announcement of the departure of Jennifer Morrison appeared as the final clue before the official news. Instead the producers surprised every fan is being terminated for renewal. But it would have opened a new chapter for OUAT.

Once Upon A Time – 4×08-09 Smash the Mirror – by R.

"Where is Anna?", the question that kicked off this fourth season of Once Upon A Time finally finds success in a double episode that marks great progress both on an emotional level and the character of the storyline. And the answer is the most trivial and unexpected at the same time that we could think of: Anna is at home, to Arendelle, frozen for years along with all other inhabitants of the Kingdom to "courtesy" of Snow Queen; exactly the last place where he dreamed of Elsa searching.