News: Golden Globes 2015, the nominations

We are now in full awards season, and right after the nominations for the Golden Globes SAG Awards coming here those, It will be delivered the 11 January 2015. Despite the expectations weren't very high, at least as far as television categories, those this year are still managed to rank among the worst nominations of history; Although it is now customary that juries devote little attention to the extremely popular and critically acclaimed reality series (The Walking Dead on all) in favor of other, This year there are also several nominees who have very few justifications. But we come […]

Nomination Emmy 2014 – by R. and S.

The 25 agosto 2014 andranno in onda i 66esimi Prime Time Emmy Awards, i premi che ogni anno celebrano i programmi tv con particolare riguardo alle serie. Un momento di festa per lo scenario televisivo e il pubblico che vede la riunione in unico teatro di tutti i personaggi più amati. O quasi, perché non sempre le decisioni della commissione deputata ad esprimere le preferenza trovano il consenso di noi spettatori.

Game Of Thrones – 4×10 The Children (Season Finale) – by R. and S.

Game of Thrones greets us with a season finale from 66 minutes, where we review for a final time almost all the protagonists. And as promised this is a high-level bet that each storyline is decisive and overwhelming progress. Apart from what happens at the barrier, the trait d'union is represented by Children of the title, several children who take new paths away from parents too so traumatic.

Game Of Thrones – 4×06 The Laws Of Gods And Men – by R. and S.

This episode makes it clear beyond doubt that the war of the five Kings cannot yet be said concluded. Virtually all the main characters appeared, and that somehow (According to their) right, self-declared themselves Lords of the Seven Kingdoms and Protectors of the Realm (plus all those other names): some of those five Kings will also be dead, but it is clear that the struggle for the Iron Throne is anything but dormant.