I 20 best moments of Cristina Yang – by R. and S.

Cristina Yang. Cynical, ambitious, sarcastic. Presented as a character able to arouse antipathy, but proved un'antipatica we learned immediately to worship. The best friend that every one would like to have at his side, able to make you smile even when you discover that your he is married; the companion who does not abandon you even in the darkest crisis, including an attempt to strangulation; the doctor who knows repair the Black Mamba. In 10 years we have witnessed the growth of graduate super competitive at heart surgeon exceptional, between love, dramas and many laughs we have caught even in the most […]

10 Grey's Anatomy×18 – You Be Illin ' – by S.

A disappointing episode this, It suffers from a lack of a storyline that is truly engaging choral for the entire cast. Removed weddings with surprise and a few other events surrounding the individual characters, indeed, little important happens this season in which the plot General seems to drag on more than progress. And certainly does not improve with the idea of the flu virus that makes everyone puke (seriously?).