Once Upon A Time – 3×20 Kansas – by R.

With the onset of labor of Snow it is inevitable that you reach the showdown with Zelena, in a final battle that sees rightly contrasted the two sisters. According to the setting of the earlier episodes seemed now that confrontation occurs between the Wicked Witch, the most powerful witch on dark magic, and Emma, bringer of light magic as the fruit of true love; but this idea did not end I like you: It all began with envy of Zelena for Queen, What on earth does Emma?!

Once Upon A Time – 3×15 Quiet Minds – by R.

"All magic comes with a price", a rule simple and basic that we learned from the pilot of this show. The only people who seem to not remember her ever – or pretend that it is not relevant, hoping for an exception – are the stars, ranging so meet tragic twists of fate. The death of one of the main characters was a spoiler that had been confirmed by the same creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, placing ourselves inevitably in a severe climate for the fate of our favorite.

Once Upon A Time – 3×14 The Tower – by R.

Fear is the leitmotif of this episode, available in a variety of meanings ranging from classic fear of fairy tales (the evil witch) the most common that can affect anyone of us when we are faced with major changes (fear of ourselves). To guide us in this location is Charming, the protagonist is the storyline in the Enchanted Forest in Storybrooke.