The Walking Dead – 9×06,07 – Review by R.

The first two episodes of The Walking Dead subsequent exit of Rick Grimes scene can not be defined electrifying, not for this, however, be underestimated. It's true, They do not make great strides, but it is a physiological reaction to time jump and the consequent need to settle in a community that has inevitably changed. And Yes, the changes we have been though many claim otherwise.

The Walking Dead – 9×05 What Comes After – Review by R.

The two previous games have been good in progress, discoveries and emotions, confirming the good way where you finally put the show. What we learned? That time heals all wounds? Not exactly, the Oceanside traps at the expense of Saviors and Maggie start to his revenge against Finnegan prove. But we have learned that Anne / Jadis is more complicated and critical of the previous season and above the bromance Rick-Daryl is more beautiful than any ship, sorry Michonne, but it is so. And all this information find their fulfillment in what is […]

The Walking Dead – 8×15 Worth – Review by R.

While avoiding spoilers like a minefield, Sunday night – direct cause of Wrestlemania – I glimpsed on social commentary to the episode of The Walking Dead during the American airing. Enthusiastic. On the one hand I thought that as usual they put the turbo before the finale, on the other, I decided to take it with a grain of salt. In hindsight, and despite positive ratings are not missed, I was right to not flatter myself.

The Walking Dead – 8×12 The Key – Review by R.

This second half of the season like a zig-zag between strokes on the right track and skidding off the road. In spite of the clash drive between Rick and Negan, "The Key" brings the show to a straight path, exactly as happened two weeks ago with “The Lost and the Plunderers”. A violent face-off between Rick and Negan, the appearance of new characters, but most of all a true development that affects them and the plot.