Grey’s Anatomy – by S.

Meredith Grey and his colleagues, ambitious residents of surgery, facing their first day of work at the Seattle Grace Hospital and since then their lives are made of determination, unlikely medical cases to solve and, above, friendships and loves in the hallways of the hospital. Define “medical drama” It would be an understatement: This is a series in which the medicine is used mostly by metaphor for those life experiences that all, prima o poi, We face.

I 20 best moments of Cristina Yang – by R. and S.

Cristina Yang. Cynical, ambitious, sarcastic. Presented as a character able to arouse antipathy, but proved un'antipatica we learned immediately to worship. The best friend that every one would like to have at his side, able to make you smile even when you discover that your he is married; the companion who does not abandon you even in the darkest crisis, including an attempt to strangulation; the doctor who knows repair the Black Mamba. In 10 years we have witnessed the growth of graduate super competitive at heart surgeon exceptional, between love, dramas and many laughs we have caught even in the most […]