I 36 best moments of True Blood – Part 1 – by S.

True Blood ended and left us to face the fall without the hope of reviewing vampires of Louisiana next summer; to console us and grieve, What's better than a roundup of the most unforgettable moments lived in Bon Temps? Since this is True Blood, “unforgettable” includes a spectrum of scenes ranging from the ridiculous to the disgusting to the absurd, but then, that was nice!

True Blood – 7×10 Thank You (Series Finale) – by S.

After seven years of airing, Sunday 24 August was broadcast the finale of True Blood, and as all final sparked great controversy among fans; There have been many accusations to authors, But despite a few bumps here and there I don't think it was possible to do better or that the story could end very differently, at least not without losing consistency.