The Following 2×01 – Resurrection – by S.


What we must never forget as he says the episode 2×01 di The Following, is that expectations are very, very low. It seems unlikely that the plot may have more empty narrative of the first season, or that the FBI agents are even more incompetent.

In the introductory minutes, bringing us to a year after the cliffhanger of the season finale, There is a Ryan Hardy put back together, but on the other hand we find that, right after that cliffhanger, Claire has gone to a better life; We are all very saddened, but at least we got rid of’inability of acting by Natalie Zea and his character who had nothing more to say.

We also discover that, obviously, Joe Carroll is not dead, because of course there was an acolyte ready to save it from exploding; and when at last the plot begins there is revealed the surprising new storyline: a group of followers of Joe Carroll, wearing a mask of Joe Carroll and shouting “Ryan Hardy can't stop us“, kills people at random on the subway to revenge himself of that Ryan. Shocking, a turning point that nobody expected.

There are also other elements typical of The Following: finished pursuits into thin air, Ryan who gets hit and gets up fresh as a daisy, Ryan seeking suspects alone rather than take advantage of the comfortable law enforcement resources, and good Mike Weston; There is also a positive news, IE Max Hardy, Ryan's niece just made detective and that is part of the so-called “Ryan Hardy's secret task force”; indeed, Despite Ryan refuses to cooperate in an investigation on the killings of Metro, in the last twelve months has never ceased to pursue his personal research by Carroll and the acolytes were on the loose, with the help, precisely, by Max.

And when it seems that the texture does not have anything interesting to tell, Here's something else begins to take shape: Emma, that is the most likely of all was the head of the new sect, Yes is surrounded by friends who share his particular interests but, Besides having pink hair, does and doesn't say anything interesting because, drum roll, the seven are two!

Opposed to Emma and her dumb friends so far, indeed, We find the perpetrators of the murders of Metro, that is, a group of (For now) four people, led by twins psychopaths beautifully interpreted by Sam Underwood; Finally this poor actor has found an interesting role, After having wasted his time interpreting the useless Zach Hamilton in eighth season of Dexter.


A parte questo, the twins psychos prepare an eerie staging, killing a girl (randomly chosen for one reason or?), and having fun then to dance, sing and chat with the body in the same; eventually, wear makeup and dressed in a long white Nightgown, in imitation of the fictional character of Gwendolyn, created by Carroll and inspired by Claire, leaving it sitting on a bench in the Act of reading the book of Joe.

Dialogue between members of this sect we understand planning “catch Joe Carroll“, you are untraceable since being rescued from fire (or, at least, This is what we were led to believe so far).

Are seven rivals? Will clash with each other annientandosi each other? Will join forces against Ryan?

All of these questions, and many other, will be answered in future episodes of The Following, but it is also possible that these responses will be disappointing and trivial; with Carroll survived, and a new survey in the background, the authors made Tabula rasa, and then there are two possibilities: will write again a series of unconnected events from each other making the characters look like idiots or they will restart from scratch by writing a storyline worthy of the name?

We hope the next episode is the first step towards the second option.


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