The Following 2×02 – For Joe – By S.

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Carrie Preston/Judy with a bearded Joe Carroll

As in the first episode, also in the second are some good idea and some senseless scene, in order not to lose the good habits.

The first good idea has a name and a surname: Carrie Preston, that I find wonderful both in the role of Arlene in True Blood and by Elsbeth in The Good Wife. In this case, Carrie is Judy, a prostitute from some anonymous village, with teenage daughter and Joe Carroll as new “love”; new manner of speaking, Whereas Judy is one of the famous groupie by Joe, Mindful of all his love letters received in jail, has well thought to use it to procure a hiding place. Obviously tells her that she is his salvation and has left behind the sect with all the etceteras: come no. And in fact, Despite being a refugee in that place for about a year, Joe hasn't lost the Vice: He keeps in touch with his followers through coded messages published in the section “ads” of the Baltimore Gazette; It is thanks to one of these ads that Emma manages to get in touch with Carlos (the one who saved Joe to the lighthouse and then disappeared; but us viewers, Unlike Emma, We know that Carlos is passed to another branch of the sect, the two creepy twins). On the phone, Carlos asks Emma: “are you with Joe?”, and here we are being unveiled another piece of the puzzle: our dear Emma, the number one groupie, He had no idea that Joe was still alive. I guess they don't take kindly to being cut off from the game.

The second good idea, that then is the same which I have already spoken in the review of episode 2×01, are the twins psychopaths; this time, humming to the tune of “Que sera, evening” by Doris Day, They delight in preparing a delicious dinner, They then consume with the pleasant company of corpses of the hosts just killed; obviously not enough, and after dinner they move all four in the living room for a moment of silence familiar and parent-child confidences, partly acting out (as in the last episode) an image taken from the book by Carroll, in part by making it clear that for the twins the victims are a substitute for someone else, in this case parents.

Finally the Team Gemini gives a twist to the plot and call Ryan, so they can start making friendship; Ryan, obviously, Li tracks down and find the above mentioned bodies; the second phone call, He learns that the Twins Team keeps an eye out for a little’ and who the next victim will be Lily Gray, the only survived the murderous attack on the subway. Ryan runs from her, rescues her from the twins (what a, for operations in public, return to wearing the mask of Carroll), is there any FBI agent who still does nothing useful: business as usual. The relevant event is that Ryan now knows that there are two managers, above, now I know the face of Team Gemini (but not because it is particularly astute: -centered as are, they couldn't wait to get a little’ in view and, bold as they are, They also want him to see them, and well).

Lily Gray is, instead, a bad idea: another beautiful blonde woman, persecuted by the Carrolliani, as well as (future) Ryan's love interest. Since the plot is the same, might as well leave alive Claire. And the revival of the characters doesn't stop there; indeed, Agent Mendez (played by Valerie Cruz, that is Sylvia Prado, Dexteriana memory) is an exact replica of the deceased officer Parker: In addition to aesthetic similarity, even the Mendez arrives on the scene too late, does the harsh with Ryan for putting it on the line and says things granted. I hope that at least the reserve a different denouement, bury alive she would be too, also for The Following.

Another downside of the episode are unnecessary and inconclusive tests monologues by Joe, No one had missed; should serve to give it that look from deep intellectual and cultured, but only serve to give viewers a couple of minutes to get up and take the trash out/go to the bathroom/put feed the cat without having to press “pause” for fear of getting lost something important.

Purtroppo, Joe gives us one of his rants when he is forced to kill the Rev., who discovered his identity. Note the presence at the scene of the daughter of Judy, that lends a hand to Joe with a well-aimed blow from spade at the head of the poor Reverend. When Joe finally stops talking and stabs his victim, the girl looks a bit’ upset, But even then too, Since she also, well aware of the identity and history of Joe, feeds an inexplicable admiration towards him.

le prime avvisaglie dell'amore tra Ryan e Lily
the first signs of love between Ryan and Lily

Being an incurable optimist, I still have some hope that the storyline of Lily Gray takes a different turn from that predicted; It would be nice also that Emma started to do something, instead of just get piercings and dye their hair. If both of these desires were fulfilled, and just because it's Kevin Bacon, would it be possible to turn a blind eye on FBI agents idiots, considering the other good ideas presented so far.

My judgment remains in the balance between the “but who wrote this shit?” e il “nice idea!”, but with room for improvement for the future: as long as there's palimpsest, There is hope.


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    1. thank you, reciprocate the compliments!
      see Carrie is always a pleasure and for two fan of LOST as his cameo + marriage to Michael Emerson are very important events!

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