The Following – 2×03 Trust Me – by S.


With the third episode in the second season of The Following mesh and it is off; and, against all expectations, mesh well, departing significantly from coarse first season.

In “Trust Me” almost everything works: the convenient contrivance of the irruption of the SWAT team was used to get rid of a bunch of unnecessary characters and eliminate possible storyline of competition between the two sects, joining Emma (the only one that mattered) the Team Gemini (with Mark, sensible world, that also seems to have a soft spot for her: would be just the perfect couple). By this time, the hope is that these youthful friends serial killer will cease to be locked in a hotel room to talk about themselves and to kill people at random to get the attention of Joe: the characters were presented and framed, the time is ripe because you throw to the next level: where will Parry reuniting with Joe Carroll? What's the plan? If we consider that only in the first episode the Twins Team has given us some of the most creepy scenes ever seen, in the future you'd expect great things.

Positive also the turning point given the character of Lily Gray: Despite the revelation that people considered trust are, in realtà, sect members remember a little’ too few obvious twists last season, has been averted the romance with Ryan, replica of the dull affair with Claire. Now that Lily has reached his sons Sociopaths is all set because the action comes alive: If the next episode will be a succession of holes in the water, surveys go blank and narrative gaps, I'm prepared to take back a few lines all the positives of this review.

Ciò detto, Joe's followers are not the only ones who make a change to their situation; and in fact, While join forces and begin their path fanatic-criminal set, Likewise their boss awakes from slumber forced where for almost a year: the killing of Reverend represented, obviously, the collapse of the barrier built after escaping from Havenport cult and the end of fiction, the order of the recitation of criminal rehabilitated. It was further confirmation of the death of poor Judy (Goodbye Carrie Preston, It was nice while it lasted), among other things for her daughter's hand that, taking good example from mother, becomes a worthy groupie of Carroll. Captured completely behind the period of captivity, where he hid as a fugitive any, Joe is now free to return to his usual occupations (otherwise, as he says, wouldn't life worthwhile); all the masks have fallen, including that of Poe, with so much we were overwhelmed last year: that this is the right time to witness a true comparison of the real Joe and Ryan, without unnecessary allegories and literary fictions to distract from the substance?

The only element that still does not convince you, surprisingly, the character of Ryan Hardy. Saved only by the masterful portrayal of Kevin Bacon, This protagonist is the negation of everything a protagonist, in the era of modern television, should be: constantly remains equal to itself, no sign of evolution, But even of involution. Even his jokes are the same: “people die”, and then he must leave all for their own good, because all, around him, die. We had to put up with 15 episodes to get to this point, Let's not make it unnecessary suffering of the viewer giving Ryan a little’ thick.

In Conclusion, detail more detail less, It all bodes well for this second season; but you should be cautious: Maybe promising only because the FBI has had few opportunities to make mistakes!


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