The Following – 2×04 Family Affair – by S.

Ryan while a suspect is lost in the crowd

It wasn't like I was afraid, the episode 2×04 you are not revealed nor a series of narrative holes nor full of inquiries go blank (più o meno); indeed, It was just an episode a bit’ boring and repetitive. And that's because, Since this is just a transition episode, It didn't happen virtually nothing relevant to 40 minutes, but those few events we've seen were, surprise surprise, copying events of the first season.

In fact, This is nothing new Ryan who argues with the FBI, being stalked, that does not cooperate and prospecting on his own (of, do not, now there is also the grandson Max!); and, obviously, It is the only one that something ends, While the agent Mendez and his fumble and never find what they are looking for. Speaking of agent Mendez, It is not surprising that his ex-wife, among other former agent in turn, is yet another groupie of Joe Carroll: How many more times do we have to listen this failed coup de Théâtre? It stopped working a long time ago, more or less between the third police officer Ryan's girlfriend traitor and the 100th follower of the sect. Unlike what happened with all the characters from the first season, We hope that at least in this case the storyline may not be altogether thrown away but, to change, thorough: last year, indeed, were left hanging in the background stories of Officer Parker and Emma, No matter how, instead, full of interesting ideas. Hope dies last, but I fear that we expect the same epilogue.

Joe confirms what I always suspected: the most overrated serial killer of all time. One with thousands of followers, that you take the trouble of faking his death with an exchange of bodies, that is hidden in the woods for a year to meditate should at a minimum have a rough idea of what he plans to do. But no, Carroll doesn't love this banal predictability: prefer to keep your mind free of frivolous concerns and meet the fate with ingenuity, like a flower child. And in fact he call Emma in the same way that a lost child in the supermarket would call the baby sitter, to ensure that you can trust Lily and his gang, then reach them in the wonderful villa they have chosen as their stronghold (ever that these followers end up in some dark basement and damp, I do not know if you noticed), confirming that he never bothered to organise his comeback (thing that, among other, It doesn't make any sense, regarded his self-centredness and his mania for theatrical effects). Glad he! Now what will do? Will take some time to decide? Will kill people at random to draw attention of Ryan? Please, Let us imagine a plot worthy of this name!

the thousands of adoptive sons of Lily

Lily Gray seems the psychopathic version of Angelina Jolie, with an unknown number of adopted children borne; keen also to clarify that he immediately realized that the twins were a tad, We say, “several“, but like any good mother would do loved them for who they are without forcing them to change, surrounding them to people similar to them (What a great idea!): rest, also our Civil Code provides for the obligation to educate their children in accordance with their natural inclinations!

And when Joe, other father model, see Lily and remains stunned by its dazzling beauty, the viewer expects the disturbing scenario of these two that they grow with a friendly family of assassins (I wonder how will Emma!).

The only character who revives the situation is Max, that at least manages to follow a suspect without losing it after ten minutes, and this is a great achievement for The Following! In this connection it would be useful that appeared in all the episodes, and not once in a while. Completely useless, instead, the new acolyte Mandy, that a week ago he stabbed his mother with great nonchalance and now be offended at the thought that Joe wants to bump off a sympathetic: consistency, girl, consistency!

In the belief that this was, as I said at the beginning, a mere episode of transition, to lead us from the preparation of the plot at the actual events unfold, I maintain a moderate optimism for the next episode; tuttavia, There is no denying the inability of this second season to maintain a fast pace and engaging, forcing us to sudden voltage drops, and a waste of precious time, After the good outing last week. And the men behind the scenes of The Following should remember that the time of viewers is valuable: Why abandon a series one half is immoral, but sometimes it's survival instincts; I wouldn't do that to Kevin Bacon!


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