The Following – 2×05 Reflection – by S.

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I have a plan“, informs us Joe mid episode. “I think even the slightest” I would have said I, but strangely Emma did not share this line of thought. This is pretty much the only sentence of note, in an episode full of vain pursuits and shootings case, just as we like it (?).

Joe has a floor right as I had hoped last week; whereas we are nearly halfway through the season, I hope that you begin to implement it very quickly; otherwise ends as last season of Dexter, with the plot that takes shape practically in the three final episodes (so, among other, pretty disappointing). And, in this regard,, evident were some references dexteriani during the episode: first and foremost, the scene used to symbolize the return of true Carroll consisted of him that, with great care, shaves and, obviously, you cut, with cuts to blood flowing towards the sink drain. Other references can be found in the “work room” that Lily has set up for Joe, especially when Joe decides to use it and bound to table the victim on duty, sedated, to proceed then to kill her carefully selecting from a large arsenal best instrument with which to stab her.

I don't think I need to explain that much because none of these quotes is worthy of man are referenced: prima di tutto, in Joe Carroll not even half of the thickness, the human drama and the charm that we, instead, found in Dexter (and that was what made it so interesting). Beyond this, the scene where Joe kills his victim is no doubt one of the ugliest tv moments ever seen; It was a free action and useless: He didn't kill the girl to punish you for something (as he did in his first season with the followers disobedient), He didn't kill her to symbolize a message to Ryan, He didn't kill her to save himself, He didn't kill her to mark its return to its former glory (He had already taken over the murders with Reverend Judy's House, to indicate the end of forced exile and the beginning of Act II). Nothing, It was just a throwaway in murder case. The very low level of this action is, rest, confirmed by the event that leads: as would be the case for a killer any, in the face of all the literary and intellectual semblance, Carroll is excited for the death of the girl and he rushes off to have sex with Lily (I couldnõt and, onestamente, you have not yet figured out what else wants to get).

If the goal was to upset the viewer with the combination murder-sex, clearly that objective has not been achieved: just watching even one season of Criminal Minds to be more than prepared and become immune to argument. If the purpose was, instead, another, I'd like you to explain; of ways to end up in bed together those two psychos there were thousands, This was truly the most trivial, vulgar and boring.

At this point, I have great confidence in Emma (that for now is limited to be childish offense): I hope, in technical jargon, make a big mess as soon as he discovers Joe and Lily; and the fact that it is vaguely disturbed can be very useful at this juncture. And Emma could find an ally in the twin Meaner, clearly jealous of mother (We lack only incest), While the twin less bad has a soft spot for her, so it may be manipulated.

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Drop arms, instead, on the front Max: good impressions lasted for four episodes, but now it turns out the worthy grandson of her uncle Ryan: instead of helping him to conclude something with these investigations, helps you to lose time without achieving anything, by being fooled by followers every time they step forward. There really is no hope for the Hardy family. It should be recognized, but, that the two have managed to kill Giselle: was now! That little girl, presented as a young Highlander, wasn't too obnoxious and useless to the plot, yet another made-up character at random with a storyline without rhyme or reason.

Even FBI agents, After a fairly positive, I'm really regressed, to the extent that virtually no one sees them and you don't notice the difference from when they appear in every scene. The pinnacle was Weston that, looking at the pictures of the bearded mystery man escaped with Judy's daughter, begins to suspect that Carroll was still alive. Take it slow, Weston! This scene would have made sense if it were not that the viewer knows by now with certainty from the second episode (not to mention the first, and not to say since before the season began) that the evil is alive and well; so that expression of mystery and awe upon the face of the poor Weston does it only look stupid.

To conclude, an observation on Ryan: aside from the fact that it is illegal and unethical to hire Kevin Bacon to make him say two incoherent jokes, This week he spent the whole episode to run, Chase, shoot and bleed, finding himself as always with a fistful of flies; If Joe began to give life to his plan maybe soon we'll also do something else, Maybe we will see some’ of interaction between the two. But you know, with The Following never give the obvious things for granted.


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