The Following – 2×06 Fly Away – by S.


Finally some’ of action as it should! Weston was finally equipped with personality! Finally Carroll gives a move! These and some other retail events scattered here and there give us what is so far the best episode of the season.

From the point of view of rhythm We can be amply satisfied: no down time and nothing superfluous dialogue scenes; the plot is revived and took the right way, with all the storylines, the touched capture of Lily, the exchange of the hostages and the first direct exchange of glances between Ryan and Joe after the fake death of Havenport cult. This time even the luck that turns his back at the last moment did not look so ridiculous that we usually expect from The Following: When Hardy do you run Carroll the scene is still significant for custom-quoted window view and for starting the second arc of the season, with Carroll that will implement his plan aided by Emma, the only follower of which still trusts (and that I hope will be rewarded for your patience that had so far). Even the final chase between helicopters and cars defends himself well; the Cliffhanger to the lack of passengers on Board was, may be, predictable, But however well orchestrated, with the perfect timing of the call, posted by logical sense and not surprisingly long to find an escape route.

Helps maintain the rhythm of the new dynamic between the characters, with Weston who decides to embrace the personal mission of Ryan; It is clear that Mike, with his sudden violence almost free, is driven by the desire to avenge the agent Parker, After the cruel death that followers of Carroll have reserved: I all over your face, not enough of these crazy. It must be said that Mike also has a precious moment of comedy when he declares with stealth: “I think the FBI might be compromised“. But don't tell me! The Mendez has a point in specifying that maybe the old agents in charge of the case were a tad inept, but we know that this is not the only reason for the continued benefit of Carroll and his on law enforcement. Anyway, This marks the first official net awareness detachment from last season: you no longer need to try and play according to the rules of the FBI, and we can stop worrying about whether or not the development enquiries (I'm still convinced that Carroll's dead… but that really?); on the contrary, It's almost preferable to continue to stay one step back, creating a new subplot with the competition between the Avengers by Ryan Hardy and men of law of Mendez, thing that surely would help to maintain the high tension.

Other intensity comes from the declared war between the two factions, the first led by Joe and the second by Lily, left alone with twins (one of which is almost dying in hospital) After the decimation of his tribe, and now seeking revenge for the betrayal for. Thunderous applause stood from the audience when Joe, now fleeing to new shores, responded scornfully to a Lily in tears to catch Luke: “I was never fond of the boy“. And it is from this dialogue that leads to a further separation from the plot of the first season: no longer a chase between the good and the bad, but a war that sees Joe engaged on two fronts, i.e escape Ryan proving to be more intelligent and destroy Lily. A posting useful to prevent, Yet until recently, a simple and boring repetition of events and dynamics already views.


In the new context created, Kevin Bacon's character also seems to have found new life: Now Ryan has a real team and start taking concrete form his own Manhunt, no more diversions and minor figures to be obstacles along the way.

This episode is, insomma, managed to make up for what has always been the weak point of These: keep alive the interest of the Viewer, arousing in him the desire to continue watching, to find out what will happen and who will have won, does not think about being constantly teased by the authors.


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