The Following – 2×07 Sacrifice – by S.


Around New York there is a density to higher density psychopaths by nervous motorists in downtown Milan Wednesday evening at 19. Where do? There is something in the air that makes them grow so? The mystery should be explained, because a sect is fine, one and a half even, but another group of fanatics, with horrible white and Red tunics (??), do not, is too.

Bringing Joe (with Emma and Mandy in tow) in Micah and his followers has undoubtedly helped the Viewer to become aware of a sense of loyalty towards Joe Carroll: It will also be a boring and a serial killer overrated, but it's our serial killer, We follow him for almost two years and it is not acceptable that a deranged guy convinced to be the Prophet who knows who arrives out of nowhere and decides to transform Joe from followed in follower. NO WAY. Loyalty goes up to Emma: did everything to Carroll and, as for him, If someone catching/killing/torture, to do so must be Ryan Hardy; and certainly he deserves something more decent of senseless blood sacrifice to which they subjected. Ad ogni modo, in the last episode Joe had reassured Emma telling her to have a “EPIC plan“, so I hope that this submission to the head of the new sect is a successful staging, nothing but the quiet before the storm; It would be appreciated if the storm was in the extermination of the Red Tunics by Joe and Emma, but from the promo of 2×08 you don't understand a damn, so we'll live in doubt until next week.

Continues in the positive (late) evolution of Weston: After the hysterical crisis that led to crush to blood Luke, Creepy Lily delivers a little traumatic page in which the father of good Mike is slain at the hands of Mark. Questo, In addition to consecrate his feeling of revenge, from which now can no longer be returned, Finally brings Weston to a true rapprochement with Ryan: now he knows exactly what he has tried him till this moment, and we all know how deep a bond may be based on revenge (Dexter and Lumen teach).

Even the character of Lily is driven by revenge, which makes it much more interesting than he had been: is giving free rein to all his cruelty, no frills and no more messing around; the kidnapping of Max, but, commissioned a (other) serial killer her beau, the went wrong (in what seemed a cross over with Criminal Minds), so I look forward even more to know his next move.

The episode confirms the excellent turn taken by The Following, with a more sustained rhythm, more believable twists and more engaging dynamics between the characters. And it is no coincidence that this qualitative level rise coincides with the lesser importance given all’FBI, both in terms of storyline and screen time: as the entire first season taught us, things go better when agents do not we bring you in half (and even in this episode have not been proven wrong: in the middle of a forest and night, Ryan has found Max faster of dogs: even the FBI dogs have cognitive disabilities!). The Mendez has, but, another card to play, even without his knowledge: now that you are convinced of the presence of a mole, start the countdown to the moment they discover that the Mole is his ex Jenna. Could be a rich and juicy storyline, Hopefully not the throw away but that fit with the policy within the delicate balance system that is emerging between Ryan, Lily and Joe.


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