The Following – 2×08 The Messenger – by S.

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Continues the positive story arc of The Following, with one of its best episodes; the episode opens a window into the past by Joe Carroll, so far unexplored, and at the same time makes us enjoy the future of serial killer, that finally begins to implement its “EPIC plan“.

Joe's past could only involve his Mentor: Every self-respecting serial killer has had one, and every self-respecting mentor has a good dose of psychosis. Dr. Strauss (with the help of his new apprentice) does not disappoint; being the master of Carroll, I was afraid to touch us hear you rave about another megalomaniac for half an hour, but fortunately, the authors have chosen the most suitable road: violence (almost) free, cruelty, crazy people and our heroes who save the situation at the last moment (are our heroes even though Weston is now lost into the dark world of vengeance; He's not a character far more interesting now that crushes the bones of the fingers with a hammer than when he was a COP model? At least has a little’ thick).

And, as I was saying, While we catch glimpses of Joe Carroll murderer in grass, Joe Carroll adult takes matters in hand to kick off the second act of his opera villain. Ora, in this connection one must say that Micah, his wife and those people dressed in red are really a bunch of brainless idiots; likely to become part of the sect is required as a prerequisite a Q.. below a certain level (the level of neanderthal man), because I don't think there is way to convince a sentient being having to eat the sins of the people to save their souls, and this is in order to ascend to the real home, namely the ninth planet after Neptune (!!). MICAH, that one day he woke up and decided to kill people, is so freaked out that Joe takes it openly teasing all the time and he doesn't even realize it; no doubt this new sect has the merit of having introduced a certain vein of comedy before absent. The stupidity of these fanatics is definitely useful for Joe, that in fact manipulates their boss in less than ten minutes: I look forward to the time when will the power and, finally, will go back to being the true villain protagonist, as clearly the promo the next episode (also why can't be missing several times at the end of the season, ormai).

Another important innovation within the general framework of the series, is that the tables are finally stirred with a practical expedient, that is, the involvement of the CIA, which bypasses all make deals directly with Ryan; This allows him to, Once in awhile, have all the possible investigative means, and infinite sources of information. This frees us from the schemes of monotone Dynamics to which we had become accustomed: instead of agents that there's always a second too late, We have some key players worthy of the name who do things when they need to do, have a certain timing and not remain constantly screwed. Another consequence is that, abandoned the plot of competing with parallel activities of Ryan, lThe FBI is increasingly into the background; now it's relevant not because of his investigations, But why does everyone expect with ardent curiosity when Ryan and his will discover the identity of the mole.

The judgment, then, continues to be very positive, as well as the expectations for the next episode; the only question to answer is where free time is over Lily Gray with her twins: an episode of absence is granted, two are a little’ troppo, given the time you have dedicated to their storyline. Ad ogni modo, Weston has openly declared that he wanted to capture and kill with his hands, which would assume his comeback as soon as possible.

Between Ryan and Mike more loads than ever, Max which is the perfect COP partners on every occasion, Joe it back officially alive (the FBI will be pleased to find out you last) and Lily with his promise revenge against Joe, the final part of this season promises to be much higher than last year.


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