The Following – 2×10 Teacher's Pet – by S.

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Definitively abandoned Edgar Allan Poe, Carroll now, at the head of his new army of fanatics, sowing terror in New York by quoting and paraphrasing nothing less than the Bible: a group of faithful kills people chosen more or less at random by the motto of “no redemption without blood“. And that's Joe back in action.

The sequences of the killings perpetrated by followers were quite interesting and engaging, to attract attention to themselves was especially Tilda, bullied turned ruthless murderer; Why alright feel school hallways teasing, but after a while’ just, ecchecavolo. A reaction quite adequate. Very pretty even Mallory, the wavering faith, and that in fact end up slaughtered in less than ten minutes, just before revealing to Ryan where is Joe. Now it was like a return to the past, When Ryan came very close to Joe and all times if he did escape.

On the same wavelength as the throwback was the motivational speech from Joe to his disciples: a long and boring series of convoluted sentences that actually have very little sense, the sole purpose of giving himself the usual air intellectual snob. No comment on the scene of the killing of the cat because I didn't have the courage to look at it: the unavoidable spoiler around the net I was warned, so as soon as I saw a beautiful red kitten in the arms of Emma I hid under a blanket until I heard you say “He's finished, Don't be a baby!”. Far be it from me to write a sermon about moral decadence of modern television and whether to show scenes of this kind; all serial killers of this world begin to manifest their tendencies towards animals (Dexter and Criminal Minds have taught us anything), but knowing me I had nightmares for a week.

Always interesting, instead, the flashbacks of the Dr. Strauss, mentored by Joe; but as far as converting a serial killer could be charming boy upset, Dr. Strauss has pronounced a heresy by saying that they are the chosen ones: “"you were the chosen one” is and always will be one of the symbol that Obi Wan Kenobi to Anakin, and it is a quote that Joe Carroll & co. just can't afford.

A po’ sacrificed is the character of Emma, that does nothing but play the role of the Priestess/Joe's lover; It is possible that we will see again in action (or against) Mandy, that has always been jealous of her and that, Besides having some doubts about new programs murders of Joe, He remembers with pride that she killed her mother. Have a daughter so.

Sacrificed even Max, I had about two and a half lines, just enough to make us perceive the flirtation with Mike, While Lily and the twins are more than just sacrificed, now absent unjustified from three episodes; the void is still filled in part by Claire who is very aggressive, just don't go down that haircut her husband is still alive; It would be nice you were to kill Joe once and for all: at least one of the two you get away.


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