The Following – 2×11 Freedom – by S.

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A few words are sufficient to introduce this episode: Lily Gray and holy war. The psychopath is, indeed, reappearance in style in all the splendor of Connie Nielsen, while Joe Carroll (somewhat irritated by that resurgence) decided that if just quote the Bible, might as well do great things.

Actually, Joe He speaks very little and: He stands there in his retreat to implement weird religious rites to convince the acolytes who kill people at random is actually a form of redemption and serve to give freedom to the victims. Could be interesting to watch a few minutes of this thing, Maybe a whole episode, but I can't stand the other speeches without rhyme or reason: Why does something really striking? So far it is limited to broadcast a video message, rwm style of Maria De Filippi, and send his followers to carry out murders in the city, I do not think that there is no plan for world conquest. Other than holy war, as he calls it; the most is making a little altar boy’ disturbed.

To do things like you should, instead, We think Lily. Finally, we review, After three episodes of Unexcused absence, While directed from behind the scenes the elaborate plan to escape her Luke from the hospital. Now that the Holy family is reunited (sì, of course Ryan scurrying them, but it has to be said that it was a nice Chase) What are they up to do? It promises to be a huge clash between the two factions, and I must say I am very undecided on who to cheer: Twins Team showed some charm since the first episode, while Joe often becomes repetitious. D’altro canto, the close ties linking Ryan to Joe has not yet broken, and nothing suggests that the time is approaching. I think, rather, the two protagonists are destined to share other stories and spend at least another season together, which requires the defeat of Lily.

You put it very badly, instead, for Mandy, that proves to be particularly dumb: After showing some’ personal initiative by deciding to abandon the sect by Joe (But how is it possible that she's gone and no one would bat an eyelid? It wasn't a super secret place and super safe?), to those who think well of call for help? Mark. Ora, I mean, If you run from a serial killer because you can't follow that road, Why are you going to look for another? Lily's children are too screwy even for Emma! Do not see anything good on the horizon for Mandy, and doesn't have enough personality to change the cards on the table and bring the situation to his advantage. We can immediately begin to grieve (?) for his death, so we carry forward.

Little curiosity for the triangle Claire Ryan-Carrie: the journalist is not even remotely comparable to the great love of Ryan, I don't think there any suspense aspects in this field; more than anything else, Claire He says he knows how to help in the capture of Joe, so it might be nice to see her go on the attack, working in team with Ryan, instead of just being the victim and what is saved by her Knight; feminism should have heard: get busy, Claire!


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