The Following – 2×12 Betrayal – by S.


Has come! Caro Joe, your old friend Ryan is here, right here, you want to open the envelope to meet him?! It took twelve episodes but eventually Ryan has done it and has broken into the shelter of Joe, where is the only dress like a normal person instead of as a Michelin Man Christmas version, then definitely go unnoticed for very long.

Obviously Ryan he ensured that no agent was able to follow him, and although I have a feeling the whole issue of personal vendetta it must however note that our hero is now alone against dozens of people, What maybe wrong time to his advantage. But I trust in the providential arrival (at least) Mike and Max, mostly because I want to see Max in action and it is unacceptable that after being indispensable in the early episodes make it completely disappear in three finals.

In addition to the cliffhanger ending, with Ryan spying Joe and his followers by peeping from behind a tree, the rest of the episode captured the Viewer, with the action going on two fronts: da un lato, the holy war of Joe entered into and, Apart from some speech too wordy over hatred and greed that arise from religions (actually, can you blame him?), There were no dead time; It must be said that serial killers that inspire their exploits in verses misinterpreted the Bible are not nothing new (Poe, in the first season, Instead it was), but the result is overall good and entertainment works, so why complain? The assault on fraternity failed in every respect, I particularly enjoyed the kids glued to faces masks found, they have created an effective diversion. And Tilda is a wonderful serial killer, you read the joy in the eyes while he kills the girl for the pure pleasure of letting it die in front of her boyfriend (Note: Since June 2013 any cut throat with knife staged and framed in that way is automatically considered a giveaway/reference/citation of Red Wedding of Game of Thrones, agree with me?).

On the other side we find, finally, the dysfunctional Gray family: Lily, who is planning his revenge against Joe, shows very clearly his psychosis, so clearly that it seems a lot more unstable than at the beginning of season, almost schizophrenic. The Gemini Team is back to the glories of the first episodes, and an honorable mention goes to Sam Underwood for the wonderful interpretation, It's really creepy look him in the eye; has also been able to create the perfect atmosphere of terror and anguish, culminating in the final dinner with his mother and the corpse of poor Mandy, predictably tortured to death. On Mandy you do not need to waste too many words, just mention Joe: “you're a silly little girl“. More than “silly”, I would say a complete idiot, and also that his sense of loyalty to Joe is utterly inexplicable: He keeps saying that he cannot say where is, You can't cheat because for her is like a father, but perhaps you forget that just ran away from him, There must be a reason; should also have a little consideration of herself, If feels right to die to protect one who practically brainwashed until they stab his own mother: ran away, But evidently the effect of Joe is permanent. Hard to believe Joe's displeasure over the death of the girl, but at least serves to make him lose his usual calm, in this case with a fit of anger towards Emma: you would do well to wake up a bit, Why is he there to bask in being the right arm of Joe but combines little or nothing, and actually should have been a little’ more careful with Mandy, rather than threaten it and then have it run under your nose.

Finally we Claire, that is pretty pissed and very eager to kill Joe, I all over your face: “I don't give a shit if the series ends without him, I want to get rid of this man!”. The scene of reunion with Ryan was very sweet and touching, but the work was all Kevin Bacon, as always at a higher level than the rest of the cast. Claire should be two merits: the first is to acknowledge that her new hairstyle is awful (I told you so!), the second is that, If the witness protection is the only thing that the FBI had so far managed to do decently, She manages to blow this in ten minutes flat: In addition to return by Ryan, that while we do know Max, think well arrive even the hateful Carrie Cooke, Why keep the secret no longer sets; now she and Carrie will put aside their differences to personal (aka “Sorry if I slept with your boyfriend, I thought you were dead” “and instead I'm alive, get out of my way”) to join forces and find Joe (We can now announce the happy ending in which Carrie realizes that he has to do and set aside? See you insist to stay with Ryan would be ridiculous). Is also very funny to note how there are dozens of federal agents inside and outside the home of Ryan while the protagonists are still what he pleases.

It is almost at the end and the circle is tightening around Joe: Ryan has already arrived and Lily definitely has the ability (and the intention) to track him down after that phone call, and with the help of Mike and Max arrive even Claire and Carrie; that lovable group of people, It will be like a picnic with friends. With much blood and many deaths, but please do not kill Max (and whatever., Ryan).


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