The Following – 2×13 The Reaping – by S.


Major events in this episode, where the world comes to Joe having ignored for years that place full of psychopaths. Great events and many characters, There's no one to call: Lily, the twins, Max, Ryan, Joe, Mike, Emma, Claire and some’ armed people at random; all together for a nice rendez-vous.

The first character we meet is Ryan, killer version ready for anything to achieve his goal: kills at least three people with his bare hands without anyone noticing and then fire on Joe; It seems obvious that he intentionally missed, He could shoot him straight in front if she wanted, but such a death would spoil all the fun. Very nice, indeed, the conversation between Joe and Ryan, Once the latter has left catch: “I've missed you” says Carroll, “you too, buddy” smiling Ryan responds, sincerely happy to see him again but for the sole purpose of killing it (di nuovo). The subsequent almost-Joe's monologue is proof of what he points out Ryan, namely his irrepressible narcissism. Other evidence (servisse) is the fact that Joe will insist on staying at the shelter despite the imminent arrival of FBI and despite the presence of unfamiliar machines at the gate (Lily and her), everything to make some more’ the swaggering in front of Ryan, But unlike Emma, that is being done to save themselves, Joe seems to accept with equanimity his likely arrest: is sure that his followers will still implement the grand finale who orchestrated, so even if you were caught you would be assured a place in the Olympus of serial killers, gaining his conception of immortality. It doesn't make any sense, instead, Joe decides to leave alive Ryan: Maybe he wants to kill him under better circumstances, type world while doing live interview to Carrie Cooke? Who knows.

And while Joe escapes, Lily's men arrive and begin to shoot them all, soon after came the FBI and police (but don't tell me, a minute too late!), with Ryan in the middle and came out still fresh as a daisy. With the FBI there's also Mike, determined to take Lily to avenge his father's death; on the fact that the’FBI know exactly what Lily (with the twins and his mercenaries) Southwest is in the driveway that leads to the refuge is necessary to make a brief consideration: they never found for at least five episodes, and when he finally burst into his house (surprise surprise: She has just gone) in two seconds flat they know the exact names of the people who were there. The logic behind this sudden breakthrough in the investigation is non-existent, watching the episode you can almost see a superimposed written: “We didn't know how to send the FBI in place where it must arrive, We apologize to the Viewer. The plot will resume as soon as possible, We are working for you”. Whatever., What is this in comparison to the entire first season? Just a little note of local folklore!

Unfortunately Mike completes his revenge and kills Lily without too much hesitation: I hoped in a Battle Royale Lily-Joe Ryan! It would have been a perfect triangle, and instead is dead so, in a few minutes, without conclude anything. But there's always the Team Gemini, and I guess she didn't take very well her mother's death: If you were crazy and disturbing first, who knows what happens now. I must also say that the charm of Joe has always had little effect on me, While I loved Luke and Mark the moment, then I will cheer for them knowing that they are destined to succumb and leave Joe to his role of main villain.

Does a little’ tenderness Claire, trying to convince everyone to use it to frame Joe but nobody pays attention: It's like a child begging his parents to let her go and play with her girlfriends. Even Carrie Cooke treats it as a poor crazy, but eventually relents (to the irresistible temptation of scoops more than the desire to capture Carroll) It goes along with Claire in his plan: now Joe knows that his ex-wife is alive, I just hope that we save another her abduction. The best thing of revelation, in any case, is the face of Emma: as I have often said, This season has done nothing but brag about her affair with Joe, and while Carrie Cooke Claire sends the message you can see Emma who thinks: “That sucks, I'd just taken out of the way!”.

The promo for the next episode promises us an unexpected twist in the holy war by Joe versus the preacher: I suggest once again that the turn of events also involving Max, because hope dies last. Meanwhile, even Ryan in ruthless killer version is not bad.


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