The Following – 2×14 Silence – by S.


Beautiful episode this week, rich in events and, above, unexpected twists (all concentrated in the last ten minutes). It is also very funny that Joe has chosen a pretty classic and serious message for his holy war (prove that God does not exist, because it's still an intellectual), but instead of sitting down and discussing science and religion with industry experts, It forces people to accoltellarsi each other and maybe does blow a church. Why not?

A central role had the two leading ladies: da un lato, Claire is the stove to be set aside and Miss always the fun part of hunting with Joe, forced to wait at home without doing anything. Nobody takes it seriously when securing to tend a trap Joe and, as you are stupid, now virtually everyone knows that is alive, Why not try? At least it would make useful. But no, so she decides to make her head and as always it has agents around are more fools than you, why this time manages to break loose and run undisturbed. As if nothing happened. On the other hand, we have Emma, at the beginning of the episode plays the role of angry and jealous wife, berating Joe (that actually falls as a PEAR cooked every time he hears appoint Claire) even the husband who doesn't bring out the trash. Joe tries to abbindolarla with his usual sweet nothings and the episode of life that begins after death (they believe only those lunatics of his followers). Emma drink the first but not the second: She has no desire to die, We don't think even remotely to sacrifice themselves for the cause of Joe; Maybe he is tired of running away, but knows that the religion of Korban is nothing more than a pile of nonsense, She is worth far more, and indeed we cannot give you wrong. The problem is that Emma's, and smarter than all the other followers, It is also much harder than for the return of Claire, and this is his biggest mistake: succumbs to jealousy, puts in the criminal project Joe to give precedence to his personal vendetta; But even she is invincible, and in fact died at the hands of Claire (and it takes courage to die at the hands of Claire). I was so sorry for the late Emma that I almost leaped when it appeared the disquieting faces of Mark and Luke behind Claire: This will be a very interesting meeting, given that they are psychopaths to say little and trimmed of revenge, and Claire describes herself alone: “I'm crazy and irrational”.

Ryan and Mike, instead, We were left with bated breath, with the screen darkens while echoes a shot: will be dead Mike? Ryan takes shot at Joe? The problem of death of Mike would be that we would see more Max, given that lately it is planned only for exchanging languishing between the two. The problem of death of Joe, instead, It would be that we would end up without an antagonist. But the rest cannot continue to get away at the last second to start all over again a year later. With this second season the authors have extensively redeemed from coarse of the previous choices, so it is possible that they know have other good ideas for the future. Before, in any case, There waits for the season finale, with Claire hostage, other hostages in the Church, bombs, explosives and SWAT promises to meet the expectations.


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