The Following – 2×15 Forgive (Season Finale) – by S.

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Forgiveness and redemption in this season finale, that meets and exceeds expectations, giving also an unexpected bonus now: Max in action!

After a beginning not too addictive (but appuriamo that Mike is alive), the events are put into motion with the escape of Joe and Ryan, now the same team to save Claire from twins. This turning point in the plot offers a new perspective on the dynamics between the two protagonists, already mentioned in their dialogues also playful little cheerful circumstances declared openly when Joe shoots his acolyte and save, instead, Ryan to continue their mission together.

Overcoming the usual considerations for which Ryan and Joe are very similar, as similarly obsessed with each other, It goes deeper, the revelation about the past of Ryan: are simply not similar, are the same person but with radically opposing moral principles (plus the fact that one is psychopath, but vabeh). The parallel paths of two, but, stop in this season finale: while Joe practically begs him to shoot him and put an end to everything (so its name has now reached immortality longed), Ryan manages to refrain to embark on the journey of his, just as desired, redemption. Ryan is now featured in more detail, as a well-rounded character; his symbolic exchange of banter with Mark ("I'm not the good guy" "but you tried to be" "and I" failed "), that leaves come out his deep inner conflict. Choosing to consign Joe to the FBI, Ryan decides to forgive himself and to close once and for all with the past. There is also the closing chapter of his life dedicated to Claire; I really appreciated this choice, the mature decision to leave because, As Claire, both deserve a future, among them is always a strong presence of Joe. For a story that ends, a beginning: the kiss between Max e Mike, as expected, It was not trivial: I feared that happened when he seemed dead, but luckily Max is a real woman and kept the demeanour.

Spontaneous applause for Sam Underwood and her portrayal of twins: the "family dinner" has been wonderful, perfect appearance and disturbing dreams in the proper place. With far less screen time available, Underwood is however managed to give his characters a thickness and a range of shades often absent in Joe Carroll, a victim of too many monologues. Fortunately, at least one of the twins remained alive, necessary element to create the cliffhanger that will lead us to the next season's plot.

The ending I loved it and overall, aside from a few episodes here and there, I would say that with this season The Following is largely redeemed by certain choices unconvincing last year. Beyond this, having chosen the path of "Let's put a stone on the past", the authors are freed from many constraints and narrative limitations, creating the possibility of exploring new stories in new directions without risking to be repetitive. One of these new directions have made glimpse when Joe and Ryan were found to work: several parties have raised voices of appreciation for the new dynamic between the above-mentioned two, But what both agree Joe Carroll is still a psychopath, so I guess a possible collaboration of sorts to White Collar is still quite far. But the streets of the authors are endless, I wonder how come Joe in the life of Ryan. Unfortunately we have to wait eight months to find out, and this was just one of many to which we shall assist in the near future; Luckily there are series that are broadcast during the summer, otherwise the withdrawal from tv would have become a social plague.


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