The Following – 3×03 Exposed – Review by S.


A beautiful episode, that reminds us of what is capable The Following and finally a little dedication’ more attention to Max: between his uncle and former boyfriend ends up spending more in the background.

The youngest of the Hardy family is the only one that, Despite the remorse for the cover-up of the murder of Lily, manages to balance his emotions and maintain some contact with reality: It is true that it was not Max to pull the trigger but, as herself, “We're all responsible”; at the same time, While accepting that that was, also puts it very clear that it does not intend to cover up no more, and for once can be heard even from his two fellow adventurers, that highlight moments tend to lose the reasoning. I also like the discovery that Max is the new target of dude and Chick, because it means more scenes for her and, possibly, more action scenes. I'm also curious to discover the intentions of this guy and Chick: because of their plan, and not to Mark, I doubt that the cameras have the sole purpose of red-handed catch Max while talking to Lily, nor to show live his execution as happened to Mike's father. I could care less about, instead, the new Max's fiance and his attempts to forget former: friend, Forget it; as far as I'm concerned we can skip to footer equal next predictable step in the “I love you but I know you don't love me – do not, I swear that I forgot, among us there is nothing” to go directly to the return of love between Max and Mike: I don't want to have to wait again until the season finale.


Mark, instead, is a little’ deludente: I would like your brain out from that State of torpor and took back to work, can not get caught for the bottoms so that dude and Chick, that does not seem to me to be even two individuals particularly ingenious. Fortunately there is to help schizophrenia, given that when he takes on the role of his brother died also found his intelligence. If it is set to this wavelength should attend a short comparison with Guy and Girl, prospect that cheers me up a lot and brighten even the FBI, because nothing weakens the enemy more than the internal struggles the enemy the same. This episode has also made us understand something more of the plane of the two adorable young spouses, a pattern more complex than it might seem at first; and then the question arises: who is behind this whole organization? The answer should be obvious Joe Carroll, and I understand the wait to create the suspense, but I would say that the wait might interrrompersi here, If no ends that when Joe turns up there we “and who is this?”.


Finally, We come to Neil sadist: dedicate the whole episode was not absolutely necessary, It's not Criminal Minds; as the escape with his father was gripping, the presence of this psycho Carpenter wasn't of any use to the development of the plot, then I wonder: Why? Already the series is short, Let's not waste our episodes! The same applies to Gwen, Ryan's new love: It won't be a sadistic (For now) but certainly not make any fundamental contribution to the series. Why is there? Give her something to do!

Excluding the latter details the episode was, so far, the best of season 3: action, plans to discover, human dramas. What to ask more?

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