The Following – 3×04 Home / 3×05 A Hostile Witness – Review by S.


After many false starts and as many dashed hopes, finally The Following shows us what he is capable, with those who were by far the two best episodes of the series.I do not know whether it is due to my tiredness This Week, that made me particularly magnanimous in judgments television, but the twist at the end of the fourth episode I felt very successful. Indeed there was natural to ask what role they could never have those two students, but the conclusion did not seem at all likely. He knew that Kyle and Daisy were part of a plan different from that of Mark and, above, involving more people; was also correct to think, as I said last week, that the plan had not to do with the revenge of Mark and that was somehow linked to Joe Carroll (if not, what do we keep him in James Purefoy in the cast?!), but in fact the revelation I was taken aback, exactly how it should happen in any good TV series.


The authors have been very good at not being noticed what was going on right under our noses; Also the promotional campaign of the third season, rest, pointed lot about Mark and the revenge of his family, I think that the new murders were the realization was the most obvious thing. For once the viewer was not bothered by the FBI trap but we fell completely with her; and about time too, add! This was, if not the first, one of the rare times when The Following has succeeded in what should be the goal of every series, drama or comedy that is: the viewer does not have to suffer for the protagonists of the protagonists or laugh, must suffer and laugh with their. In these episodes was canceled detachment, before always present, between audience and characters, finally creating that bond that makes it more meaningful vision of the episode.


Another choice authorial which I fully is to entrust to Professor Strauss the role of the main villain: undoubtedly one of the most interesting characters encountered so far, last season had been affected by the presence of Lily & co., that had forced him on the edge of the scene as a criminal any. Now finally has its moment of glory, and given the premises is to be expected that in the next few episodes the storyline will be quite interesting. Strauss put in this position is also useful in another respect, namely to prevent the series repeats itself with Ryan that hunts Joe. And for Joe, in this context, open new perspectives: we've got to see him and Ryan on the same front, united against a common enemy, and those moments have always been successful in the public. The series will follow this road again, maybe a little deepening’ more than in the past? I would not give for granted, because even considering the deep and complicated relationship between Ryan and Joe, Strauss is still his teacher: a figure even more significant, almost maternal, for any serial killer that respects.


A brief observation on Max e Mike: finally!! God exists! I am very glad that the boyfriend insignificant've seen the video compromising, so maybe he understands that it is not air and rises out of the way as quickly. Unfortunately at the moment seems more determined to get back to the faithless girlfriend, Another wasted time with a report which does not give anything to anyone; endure only if this storyline will serve to create a little’ suspense in view of the rebirth of love between Max and Mike. A po’ Excessive, instead, the relationship of Tom and Daisy (his name does not matter because both died): We got the message of lovers killers but there is a limit to everything, do not need to become weds Romeo and Juliet (Guy at death whispers the name of his wife was ridiculous). And finally Mark seems to come to his senses: became tease just as long as he could, but “big heart”, it was a real idiot; I'm curious to see what he will do now: the traitors will pay to his friends and put aside revenge of the mother? Will do both? If so, and considering the entrance of Strauss, there would be a little’ too many plots and sub plots.


Overall this week evaluation is very positive; for a series that sometimes loses the right path and is kept on track pretty much just from Kevin Bacon, this double episode gave a little’ deserved luster. I recommend, but, continue like!

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