The Following – 3×06 Reunion – Review by S.


I have not had time to compliment with The Following for giving Strauss the role of villain that the series decides to do exactly the opposite. Just not to disprove: one step forward and three back.

The episode as a whole was not bad: good rhythm and no fool FBI, which strangely has spot on almost all. The problem, but, is the plot: what was the need to kill Strauss? After so much time devoted to the followers of Joe did that very interesting change of perspective: the leader who was in turn follower, back to the origins of this kind of family tree criminal. The best scenes are those in which the doctor taught his students how to embrace their killer instinct, realizing but without ever being noticed, as a shark that swims always below the water surface, to use his words. I wanted to explore this aspect, learn more, learn about the ways in which Strauss had his followers linked to itself, as the patriarch of a large family. But no, nothing to do; Strauss is made off with a garrote, coincidentally his “best student”, and we must go in pursuit of yet another serial killer. Not that the character of Follow not attractive, on the contrary: returning home with the facade of perfect family worries me a lot, as well as that clown mask (between that and the dolls hanging from the trees thought to be over in a horror movie). However, this is not enough to make useful its presence: we almost halfway through the season and continue to add new characters and new plots under: now we have Mark (this week absent), Daisy fleeing on his own (but it seems smart to hitchhike after the FBI issued your identikit?) and this new Theo we do not know the slightest intentions and programs. He had managed so well the twist of the murders staged by Mark but referring to Strauss instead Lily, why ruin everything so? And why make us lose time so? All the anxiety for the process, per Carrie Cook, all threats fly between Ryan and Strauss and then who we have seen we have seen. Ugh!


There was better on other fronts, for example that of Joe: finally they did say more than one word, and his first conversation with Ryan was adorable; even asked him if he dreams, things that even teenagers in love! Joe is also the voice of the fans when he declares “I want us back”: of, the good old days of Ryan and Joe! In return, the rung of “if I die you die” when not attacking for nothing, unless some other plot twist reveals to us a diabolical plan even bigger than that of Strauss and designed by Joe: whatever it is, being the seventh episode, it is time that the traits of the storyline began to take shape.


I conclude with two observations on the front sentimental: are boyfriend Max first it was just useless, Now is also idiot. Not limited to seize the girlfriend in flagrante, do not, goes beyond, the stalkera like a maniac any, always attached to that computer not to miss even a scene. And now not only wants revenge, Now he heard Max refer to “executions” Mike will not take much to connect the dots, and you can bet that wants to create a big mess with the FBI, because let trovarsene and another would be just a trivial thing. Inter alia, will also be blinded by jealousy (and stupidity), but it's still an FBI agent, the stops to steal information for its investigation (questionable) personal gain? Even worse is Gwen, the girlfriend of Ryan: even a psychiatrist by profession would be so distressing with his questions and his snooping. There are two possible interpretations for this woman who repeated a thousand times to bet that Ryan must trust her: version is optimistic that hides a terrible secret, how to be a student of Strauss, and Ryan was once again cheated by a woman; the version less happy is that the authors have just decided to let us assist education sentimental agent and Hardy are a little facts get carried away.


On balance, a pleasant episode in his 40 minutes but not a good episode from the point of view of the series as a whole: too much confusion, you have the feeling that every week you start over groping in the dark, and every discovery is never decisive. Despite this, my faith in The Following remains unshaken: Kevin Bacon seems to me more than enough reason to have hope for the future!

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