The Following – 3×14 Dead Or Alive – 3×15 The Reckoning (Series Finale) – Review by S.


After three seasons as a see-saw, The Following has come to an end: the two previous finals in season they both had a certain sense of closure, but the renewal of the series allowed him to continue to develop the plot; Ironically, now that the show has been cleared we had an ending that you can not open, an ending that leaves us with the unattainable desire for a fourth season.

Were two action-packed episodes, where we found, as well as last week, certain aspects typical of first season: Ryan as a loose cannon and Super agent, the FBI ’ that is the background to wait for him without combining nothing, two unexpected games. The showdown between Theo and Ryan It was made very well from the point of view of entertainment ’, un po’ less than that of the ’ evolution of characters: the fight between the two, indeed, It is not even remotely comparable to that with Joe, She had brought Ryan to a profound change within, to face and defeat his demons (at least for a period), While Theo was just to hunt down the bad guy. L ’ emotional aspect was given only by the presence of Gwen Ryan and despair at the thought that something happens to your baby, until the final decision to sacrifice his happiness for that of his family. I understand the want to save her son, but the fact that Gwen is still alive disturbs me a lot. ’ COS we did wrong to deserve this? I would have preferred a Ryan in perennial mourning, even alcoholics, anything provided she died. See him sacrificed in favor of her seems to me a profound injustice, even Claire was better! And Miss Claire means that we just made bad!


Another negative consequence of this conclusion is that, as I was saying, the ending remains open, written especially for introducing a fourth season with Ryan as the Avenger of the night. But no, We remain a dry mouth. With the cancellation of the series, Eliza also makes no sense: It was the most useless thing ever seen, at least until it was revealed the treachery of ’ Campbell agent; at that point she and her mysterious head have finally got a role, precisely in view of the new storyline, It was a perfect plot. Have aroused our curiosity, they set the stage for interesting news and eventually turned around a mirror for larks. In Conclusion, It was a nice season finale but not a proper series finale.


Max e Mike were much sacrificed in favor of Ryan, who stole the show at all: She obviously was the only agent ’ to conclude something (from ’ hospital and a tablet, While everyone else with the powerful means of the FBI ’ looked rainbows in the sky), but otherwise had to do at the bedside of girlfriend loved ’; and Mike nothing, He was lying with the sad face and this was his valuable contribution to the grand final. In this context, the fact that both saved and reborn with love Max have lost some’ of pathos, they have given me the satisfaction that I was expecting and I was hoping (something that c was ’ l ’ last year with their first kiss).


Unfortunately the complaints are now words to the wind, There just have to be a reason for this and remember The Following his best moments: remember Joe and his bromance with Ryan, Gemini Grey, the agent ’ Hardy with all his inner dramas. Remember the ’ FBI, generally presented as a bunch of gun-wielding quadriplegics, and the fact that in New York it is very easy to be a serial killer, Why just get a wig and you can walk undisturbed. While we get lost between the memories still launch the following proposal: What about a movie, Finally the story of Ryan worthy? You never know, It could still die Gwen!

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