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Per i vedovi di Lost è finalmente arrivata una nuova creatura di Damon Lindelof, che tra flashback, significati mistici e continui interrogativi (molti dei quali destinati a restare senza risposta) potrebbe andare a colmare il vuoto lasciato dall’addio all’isola quattro anni fa. The Leftovers is a series HBO, basata sull’omonimo romanzo di Tom Perrotta, che insieme a Lindelof, è anche ideatore dello show.

The plot kicks off by the sudden death of ’ 2% of the world's population (including Pope Ratzinger) il 14 October, an unexplained event ("Rapture-like") that also remains three years away. Although at first glance the series might look like a mistery with dramatic implications, It's actually exactly the opposite, that is a drama with mystery. The tale originates in fact from Rapture-like, but the development focuses on how those remaining face the loss of their loved ones and, more generally, the consequences of what happened. The focus therefore is not the mystery, the why and the how the death occurred: the Middle c is ’ ’ human being in its way of dealing with the pain. The show is dark, and even distressing moments (take for example the stalking of members Guilty Remnant), giving us the ’ fresco of a desolate community, what a, in the absence of answers, fails to move forward.

The pilot starts right from the 14 October in Mapleton, showing us how the event ’ to happen all of a sudden ’ in a silly day as many. Symbol of this daily life interrupted is a mother, grappling with a screaming baby, the laundry, domestic problems and constant phone calls; in a second – a slight shift of the ’ angle of view – the child disappears from ’ drive. What might look like a "normal" kidnapping immediately turns into something bigger than dealing with a child who seeks the father, cars without drivers going to slam and incessant calls to 911. This is all we could see the Rapture-like, then the scene shifts to 3 years after introducing the main protagonist, Kevin Garvey (Justin Theroux, to honor the record current boyfriend of Jennifer Aniston), assisting helpless all ’ killing of a dog by Dean (Michael Gaston). A raw scene in its coldness, that seems to indicate a marked change in people and community, but is confirmed later in episode. Despite being three years – We are on the eve of the third anniversary – It is as if everyone were still in the days immediately following; people seem terrified yet, affected by the inspiegabilità ’ of the phenomenon; in television debates persist about the reasons behind the event ’, the scope or less of the same. The city of Mapleton is preparing for the first Memorial, a "Heroes Day", along the lines of those provided to commemorate the victims of the ’ 11/09, Why just for being mysteriously disappeared, those people are considered heroes, regardless of how their lives were – as pointed out by the Mayor "No one's going to ’ come to a parade on We Don ’ t Know What the Fuck Happened Day". And’ as if the absence of ’ an explanation had frozen time, preventing all resuming their lives normally as it would happen in the case of processing of a bereavement: Here the depression phase continues all infinite ’, preventing him from accepting that the Rapture-like might also be a unique phenomenon and its absolute random disappearances. The only ones who seem to be able to go one step further are those who go from Holy Wayne (Paterson Joseph), a man convinced he can heal with a hug.


The characters deal with are several, In addition to Kevin c ’ is its somewhat turbulent family, starting from his wife Laurie (Amy Brenneman) We discover in the end of pilot joining the silent smokers, Tom children (Chris Zylka) and Jill (Margaret Qualley) that capture the ’ at the post-event stage criticism to be the typical adolescent rebellion. Liv Tyler stars as Meg Abbott, a woman looking through a period of great difficulty, targeted by stalking the Guilty and that Remnant shortly by marriage decides to move right at them. The priest Matt Jamison (Christopher Ecclestone) is striving to show that what happened is not the work of the divine will, otherwise why a religious like him would have been left behind in favor of some wretch? I welcome the presence of Charlie and Max Carver, the former Porter and Preston Scavo di Desperate Housewives They also give us funny looks hilarious in the role of twins Scott and Adam Frost. It seems sadly that a leading role have a pet, dogs in particular; I say unfortunately because their fate should not be unlike that of the dog appeared in the pilot, then the scenes that lie ahead will be unwatchable – because they always find it so necessary to show the animal cruelty?!

A first episode sometimes a little’ slow, aspect amplified by duration (more than a ’ now, When even Game of Thrones manages to condense into 50 minutes), that leaves me a little’ puzzled for this stuffy atmosphere of depression and those ambiguous scenes that do not differentiate between dream and reality – the batting of Kevin “Am I awake "?” got me questioning part of the episode, If her daughter had not found the dead dog in the trunk I would come to doubt that it was all a figment of imagination. The big question on the how and why of Rapture-like is likely to remain unanswered for both the inhabitants of Mapletown and us, However those who like me loved Lost will not see in this detail a vision obstacle. What is certain is that if you decide to follow this new series you have to take into account that we are facing a real drama where the mystery with that maniacal attention to every detail to reveal – that much we liked Marsha – takes second place: Here the ’ survey covers how everyone deals with the pain of loss, leading us into a deep journey into this human desolation.



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  1. “No one would be the day of who knows what the fuck happened”, died at that joke!
    I'm appreciating (I'm not afraid of long an episode, If the throne lasted two hours per episode would be just happy), Although we have to wait another couple of bets for a more comprehensive judgment.

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