The Leftovers – 1×02 Penguin One, Us Zero – by R.


Questo secondo episodio riesce a gestire meglio gli ingredienti del mistery e del drama, non sbilanciandosi troppo a favore di nessuno dei due. Pur mantenendo una generale atmosfera di tristezza infatti le varie storyline potrebbero essere suddivise tra quelle più tendenti alla sfera mistery – Kevin e Holy Wayne – e quelle più incentrate sull’elaborazione del dolore – Meg e Nora.

With Kevin Garvey we step forward, one step back on see if "the mystery man" really exists or not. While the fact that it is seen by his daughter Jill leads to his reality – so it was really him to shoot the dog and not Kevin – the conversation with the father (Scott Glenn) raises the question again, that the same Kevin begins to ask themselves, on his sanity. His dad seems to be in a hospital for the insane because would hear voices and although he denies we are witness to this fact: the police chief then fear that what happened to his father is happening to him too. But faced with the phrase "They said they sent or are sending somebody to help you" it's hard not to make a link with the appearance of Dean, ascribing then this figure a reality and at the same time a mysterious aura, as if it were a strange coming from who knows where. At least the bagel has reappeared, that his magical disappearance was as stupid as creepy, was turning into a sort of mental health tests by Kevin. Yet we all put that bagel in the oven! The police Chief's storyline also enables us to see the only Penguin named by the title of the episode: a study of inflatable Penguin psychologist from which is forced to go to the story of dogs and Guilty Remnant, which would serve children for aggression problems. But that does not help to decipher the meaning of the title "Penguin One, Us Zero ", how and why the Penguin has won and we don't? Because he sent us into confusion with the story of "mystery man" or bagels?

Remains shrouded in mystery, even the Holy Wayne, the subject of a police raid, in which he loses his refuge and is forced to move away from young Asian Christine (Annie Q.), that entrusts Tom. The latter is one of the various "college kids" devoted to the cause of man from magic hugs, but it is not clear what you really think of Wayne: kills an agent to save Christine, accompanying the politicians from him, follows his orders, but he refuses to embrace it; even Wayne tells him "You're the one motherfucker I can't figure out. "You're all suffering and no salvation". Or really doesn't want to say goodbye to suffering trying or doesn't believe in Wayne and follows him only because he has a soft spot for Christine. If the latter was the reason I couldn't blame him, I find it rather disturbing that man. The young Asian instead loves it and is reciprocal although it is unclear in what sense. Wayne calls it "far too important", even "This girl is everything", as if with these words not refer simply to the feeling he feels for her, but to something more, a role that the girl might be in a situation where they are. This interpretation does give a different reading the phrase said by agents before the raid: that "charge his batteries with teenage girls, Asian ones "could take completely different meaning than in fact intended.


On the side drama we instead Nora Durst (Carrie Coon) the Rapture-like – the woman who lost her husband and children – that provides evidence of how to be the city's most famous victim tragically dia inevitably a position of "privilege"; everyone has an eye for you, gestures that normally wouldn't stimulate reactions of annoyance towards anyone, If facts from her lead to an "I'm sorry" because his drama la justifies throughout, makes it always just a victim. In fact it is a pretty common behavior, We always towards those who have suffered something serious, as if that event he redefined forever their identity: It doesn't matter what they were before, What we thought of them, now they are victims and as such must be protected. The drop of about one cup is a trivial proof of a general attitude towards her that might inspire you to experience more, as far as further, with some interesting implications – especially if we think of the gun that bears on the stock exchange.

I don't think instead of being able to tolerate long the character of Liv Tyler, I agree wholeheartedly with his now ex boyfriend who has not the slightest intention of trying to riportarsela home. Decided freely to leave in the middle of the night, as a fugitive, to seek asylum at the Guilty Remnant and now that is in the process of "training" does nothing but complain about the various challenges, but at the same time doesn't want to go home. He's there with his sad face and pouting without even knowing what the Guilty Remnant: She calls them a cult, but Laurie is quick to point out that they are not. I have some question about it, as far as those undergoing training are free to leave, How nagging who have to attract new members as well as being creepy is also annoying and invasive; also the same fact finding insistently adepts to tear at their normal lives is enough to sect. When it appears that Meg has recovered a little’ by common sense and has abandoned them we find instead that went into the Woods to finish the proof that Laurie had subjected: hitting a huge tree with an axe too small; and it is at that moment that his face finally abandons that irritating depressed expression to pass to the joy and anger before then. And’ This is the aim of Guilty Remnant, Let go of any emotion and sentiment of the past, so it remains an apathetic memory? Because It? And then wouldn't it be easier to release their emotions by the psychologist in front of that cute Penguin?

The duration of the episode was reduced to about one hour, Although the pace is still a tad slow, Despite between pilot and this episode would seem to spend a couple of weeks; in a sense it is as if this proceeding weak-kneed in contrast to the time actually spent underlines further that Mapleton (and the rest of the world) stopped at post event. Of course if in this time of airing to happen a little more I wouldn't be sorry – and who knows what the "oddness!" by Nora Durst I settle. So far the only thing we have in abundance is a pile of doubts and questions – and that's just the second episode! – which when attached with the initials tending to sacred and mystical meanings scattered here and there makes it very very complicated, but at the same time curious in continuing the vision.


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