The Leftovers – 1×03 Two Boats and a Helicopter – by R.


One of the criticisms I've moved so far The Leftovers is its proceed slowly, even when there are actually the events. Surprisingly this episode is more compelling, coming to the end without even me knowing. And I don't say surprisingly because I put the soul in peace on the pace of the show, but because it is a single-episode character, focused solely on priest Matt Jamison. A choice a while’ risky if we think that we are only the third episode and we have not yet had the opportunity to get an overall idea of Mapleton and its inhabitants. However the result is positive, with an interesting storyline, mysterious and charming.

Matt is the priest who in early episodes we've seen distributing flyers aimed at exposing the past of the disappeared: for him it is important to show that not all those who are gone they had lives free from sin "If we can no longer separate the innocent from the guilty, everything that happened to us, all of our suffering, is meaningless ". Being a man of the Church find in any event design, Although God's mystery, It is inevitable; especially for someone like him who seems to have an unshakable faith, an event of that magnitude cannot fail to have a larger meaning. But its separate the innocent from the guilty seems to imply the negation of his own goal: If you have "selected" both to each other, How do I find a meaning that points to God's will? It is not unlike the proof of a rapture totally random? On the other hand his act relates back to what had been stated by Kevin with reference to the Heroes Day: the missing cannot be considered heroes for the simple fact of being disappeared, because between them there was all sorts of people, the child who had not yet begun to live the thug. Parificarli all because "victims" of an event inexplicable is the same hypocrisy of when someone dies and regardless of how it was actually it says he was a good man, as if death had cleansed from all sin. Evidently Father Matt doesn't think so – a little’ strange considering that it should just be the first priest to forgive any mistakes – but not in great company: on the one hand, his Church is attended by very few people, as if everyone else in front of the inexplicability of the Rapture had lost every minimum of faith; the other relatives of people gone publicly accused do not like his mission of truth and the attack at regular intervals. Even his sister does not agree with him and understandably since it is Nora Durst; apparently the woman had never been a believer and the tragedy that hit has just stiffened its position. That's why I find quite bold by Matt asking her to give him money received as compensation for the loss incurred to buy back the Church. And in front of her predictable rejection takes out a subtly treacherous behaviour, telling her that her husband so much she misses cheated on her with the teacher of the children – specifying that don't publish. In practice it's the same thing he does with the relatives of other missing, the slams in your face the hard truth about their loved ones, But seeing it turned to his sister puts it under another, darkest light. And’ true, only tells the truth, but you must? Those people are missing, probably will never return and so will not pay the consequences of their actions, because further hurting their families that they have no fault? His attitude seems to be to a judge, a ruthless censor, blinded by his mission of truth.

The priest begins to take on a different role from that understanding and charitable man what should be; and in part we find confirmation in her past, a child who does not know whether to judge their illness an evil or good, because it still allowed him to regain those attentions families the younger sister had taken away. And also later in the episode, When he kills without hesitation and with great fury that drifter who wants to steal the money you won. Losing the Church – especially in favor of Guilty Remnant – Despite the efforts made, who knows what will trigger in him.

But the most impressive part of this episode is his be guided by pigeons. If Kevin are dogs to have some mysterious meaning, by Matt are pigeons, that lead him to a certain victory in the game of roulette. Strongly believe that those three birds have indicated to aim for three times on clay is a synonym for a faith that even Locke Lost. I mean we all see pigeons every day and never would dream of entrust 10 Euro, let alone twenty Grand. Instead Matt believes all the way and he's right: three turns of roulette and all his financial problems are a reminder. I'm surprised the lightness/stupidity of the winning post, It is clear that that couple miri its money, could at least avoid admiring notes in the Casino parking lot without even having closed the car, that naivete!


The dream/hallucination which after being hit by one of the attackers of Guilty Remnant we discover instead of more about his life. And’ one of those dreams completely messed up, where is struggling the same protagonist to figure this one out, let alone us; However, linking those images to what was seen in the rest of the episode you can coming to conclusions. It is confirmed that the toddler was jealous he talked that his parents died in a fire at home. We learn that his wife Mary is in a vegetative state since the day of Rapture: as a result of accidents caused by cars of drivers missing, his wife had been seriously injured and failing to contact the 911 He took her to the hospital – just watch a few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy to know that in every case the victim's body should not be moved to prevent further damage. Admissions remain shrouded in mystery scenes where the hands are on fire (There will come something with the death of parents?) and when she has sex with Laurie. In fact the whole family relationship Garvey remains unclear: the 20 Grand hidden States were allegedly played by the father of Kevin and the nocturnal encounter with Laurie not suggests the type of relationship between the two because of the silence of women. Marks that accumulate to those that emerged in past weeks.

Faith and science was one of the main slogans Lost; the basic idea of the show and the mystical meanings-sacri who realized I thought it was intended to become one as well for The Leftovers. But it's not clear to me where this faith must be placed (Dio, animals, Holy Wayne, the voices heard from the father of Kevin or other?) and Matt is not Locke: John was a sensitive man who had faith in that island who had returned the ability to walk; Matt is a priest who is proving to be rather ambiguous, ready to judge others, but who kills without mercy and with a sad personal life. It seems that faith in God uses to justify its conduct, its mission; However, the fact that this faith leads him to solve money problems, but it doesn't stop him from losing the Church. Frame it is really complex. For sure after this episode you'll never look at the pigeons Similarly.



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  1. I think the priest really wants to prove that the disappearance was not divine intervention: already in the first episode the parade cried “not a rapture”… Maybe in English has a rapture type assumption?
    I like the way the reality continues to deny it every time it tries to see evidence of divine intervention (type the child whereby he prayed that she woke up… But before he prayed!)

    1. I didn't think it was from the pilot a divine event, but now he tells Nora that is a test! Rapture in English also refers to Ecstasy, but I don't see characters in Ecstasy even in the pictures of the acronym!
      For now, the only ones that give satisfaction to the priest are the pigeons!

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