The Leftovers – 1×04 B.J. and the A.C. – by R.

After a beginning of episode that made me think I was wrong program and be stuck on How It's Made, scopro che anche a Mapleton arriva il Natale. Questa festa con le sue luci, i suoi addobbi e i suoi auguri riesce a imporsi pure lì dove regna la tristezza e nessuno va più in Chiesa – che ormai hanno perso; forse perché gli infonde speranza di riuscire ancora a trovare una risposta a quell’evento inspiegabile o perché è una festività che trascende ogni cosa, Christmas manages to make even the residents of Mapleton dedicate themselves to gifts and parties without forgetting to decorate their homes, leaving for a few days the grey one atmosphere that characterizes them.

To act as glue to the episode the disappearance of baby Jesus from Nativity scene of the city; nothing but a doll produced in series, trivial gift for any little girl, and whose modest economic value seems emphasized by manufacturer's name (Aforda). Yet just a piece of fabric to make simple toy in the ultimate symbol of Christmas. In fact it does not appear that his theft amounts someone something, Although apparently the Chief of police is pressurised so it stays. Species when it announces the discovery, No one makes sense; a fact that once would have disturbed because it represents an affront to believers, now does not raise the slightest reaction. The same Mayor opts for the simplest solution: buy another doll. In fact those who should care for the disappearance of a toy when her relatives have vanished into thin air for no reason? The attitude of Kevin in this regard follows a sort of parable, first drives away even the mere thought of setting off in search of stolen doll, then, Perhaps the words of her daughter, change your mind; and when we find not only the citizens show no interest, but the priest replaced him with a classic baby Jesus Nativity. In front of that doll that stares at him with staring eyes and expressionless cannot do anything but take it and throw it out of the car. This man makes me a great tenderness, from the day of Rapture he doesn't give okay a, neither work nor in the family. COP gets results only halfway, just think of the story of the mysterious man and Guilty Remnant, that we have one last test just in this episode. As a father with two children in the process of adolescent rebellion. Jill It acts like a little girl trouble just to draw attention to Daddy and reaches its peak this time, being involved firsthand in the theft of the doll – and Kevin soon becomes clear. Kevin has an attitude always aggressive, which flows often into that passive-aggressive terribly irritating. Agree with the "Rapture" his family is practically rout, but the father is not in a very different situation from her and if you really want to blame someone should pick on brother and mother, which have not found better solution than leave. Instead the latter species has a little lamb, takes them even Christmas gift! Kevin already has enough trouble managing the community, might give it some’ di tregua, even his girlfriend Aimee comes to us! Tom, We discover the son of her first husband of Laurie, continues his wandering (and the unknown meaning) with Christine – that we turn out to be pregnant by Holy Wayne – but the impatience that evidence begins to manifest itself more and more. Verbally attacks the girl, blaming that he went to find the attack by that crazy. Poveretto, feels obliged to let her babysit because he made a promise, When the only thing I would want is to go home to Daddy; and this rather than be collaborative, He goes around to tell his story at first to come. The relationship between Tom and Kevin is hardly framed: the boy won't show up, but it also seems very attached to that man who caused him by father, After his had abandoned him – at least I guess with those words was referring to the biological father. On the other hand his lie somewhere in the US shows us that the Guilty are Remnant now spread everywhere.

And finally there is Laurie, that comes from her husband asking him for a divorce; obviously don't pronounce half a sentence, by allowing Meg to read his letter. Among the first in silence and the second that never ceases to speak despite Kevin tries to block it several times, I don't know who is more annoying. In this scene the man cannot fail to attract the sympathy of anyone; before the arrival of his wife can not hide surprise and delight, It turns from side to side to welcome them and offer them something. And she sits there quietly, without even dare ask him yourself divorce; faced with this attitude, it is inevitable that Kevin bangs, looking for a woman's reaction, any as long as there is a comparison. But nothing, also because the scene is interrupted by the arrival of Jill who takes the opportunity to give his mother her present; poor Kevin! The perfect gift – a lighter with the inscription "don't forget me" – but wasted since, as we learned from the second episode, The Guilty Remnant must let go every memento; and Laurie, Despite see who does not want to, throws it down a drain, which makes it even more upsetting than the behavior of Jill. At the end of the episode the woman changes her mind and tries in vain to recover it, a few millimetres separate it from the memory of her daughter – I was hoping that the hand remains stuck, as you would be justified in Patti?

The latter won the role of bad of the situation; If the smiles of mockery and challenge face Kevin isn't quite enough, the final plan is evil and not christmasy. The police Chief believed to have them ripped off, but as my late Robb Stark at the battle of the Whispering Wood had deceived the lannisters by sending only a quarter of his soldiers against Tywin and defeating so Jaime with the remaining, Patti goes with some of his followers at the Christmas party, While the majority of Guilty Remnant It introduces into houses to steal the family photos. Compare Robb to terms it only hurts at the thought, but it gives a good idea of the plan. A deceitful and odious gesture, with which to impose on others their fixing to leave the memories of the past. And foremost to annoy me most is Meg, what a, Although not an official member (He can still talk), turn this vileness without hesitation. From simple initial hassle the Guilty Remnant begin to become really worrying, This is not just a community that wants to live peacefully in accordance with his ideology, but trying to force others to follow her; and then would not be a cult?

Awesome scene in which appear the so-called Loved Ones, scattered around the street like a pile of dead bodies because of an accident of the truck that was carrying them. The Loved Ones look like mannequins, built to replicate the features of the disappeared, so that their families have a body to cry. A version similar to that of the robots-clones created in the second season of Black Mirror (2×01 Be Right Back), only that these appear destined only to burial.

An episode where mystical issues are put aside in favor of an analysis of the relationships between the characters, primarily within the family Garvey. Kevin in a conversation with Nora admits that through flashbacks we had sensed in the pilot: He cheated on his wife. And now beyond question mystery what is most interesting is: who was the lover?


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