The Leftovers – 1×05 Gladys – by R.

The Leftovers arrives halfway through the season with a beginning of episode very promising, una scena brutale che lascia presagire interessanti sviluppi; peccato che questo duri solo per i primi dieci minuti, dopo riprendono le sparizioni misteriose, le frasi criptiche, gli irritanti silenzi.

Three episodes ago was the bagel, now it's up to the white shirts. Truly missing or hidden to be sold on the black market, as suggested by Nora, remains a mystery even to. And this time we need a moment of "madness" Kevin to bring to light the object disappeared: While the bagel was enough to dismantle the oven, for the shirts should threaten, When you're drunk, the owner of the laundromat. I hope at least that those are really his. I'm missing the sense of these disappearances, other than to make the life of police chief harder than it already is. All – beginning with daughter, Mayor and colleagues – seem to look to him for solutions to every problem, but no one gives him a hand; the murder of the woman of Guilty Remnant he demonstrates clearly: Group white dress will look like a teenager would listen to the sermon of a parent, discard the idea of a priori citizens curfew and both are bothered by the fact he gets to investigate, doing regret the indifference of when was looking for the kidnapped baby soft toy. To make matters worse, makes his reappearance the mystery man, Dean, suddenly in the city is known by all. I had checked that seemed to be sent by the voices of Kevin's father, then suddenly appeared in town, which would explain why during searches of his pick up no one would recognize the description. Now we all greet him like an old friend; or have created some false memories (as when in Buffy coming Dawn) or is it a conspiracy to turn Garvey, like the protagonist of The Truman Show. In addition, Dean is very hostile towards Kevin, making it look even more ridiculous in front of fellow citizens – Maybe it offended because no longer accompanied the hunting dogs. But if Dean is really that somebody posted by rumors, the assumption was not help?

"She's Jill. She doesn't really do ok ", Aimee perfectly describes Jill; This girl a little’ over the top – that we still don't know why viva home Garvey – He says a few words, but he can always grasp the point, getting even by Kevin those answers that her daughter would not believe ever. However Jill in this episode reveals the most fragile himself with a cry rather than with the usual surly attitude and comes up with two sentences; the first recognizing that, Unlike its, If something happened to her mother "wouldn't have cried for me"; the second uplifting Kevin on the issue of divorce, "It's not your fault", going as far as to tell him I love him. These words seem to be the most correct evolution compared to what happened at Christmas time and make Jill less irritating than usual. A small reprieve in family that can only do good for the poor Kevin!

The event of the episode is the death of Gladys, The Guilty Remnant that accompanied early episodes Laurie, being stoned by a group of hooded men. His death shows us unreservedly, We see every stone that hits the face, the resulting wound and blood that cola on fouling relentlessly white overalls. The rawness of the image is accentuated by her white clothing, that reveals only her figure in the darkness of the forest, While those of his tormentors are indistinguishable; a figure that tends to disappear as you increase blood. But the brutality reaches its maximum when the woman breaks silence to beg for mercy; I thought that his words would stop, somehow they get her to deny her faith, but it did not happen. And’ a heinous murder, but that leaves soon gives way to almost total indifference. By the citizens is a predictable reaction, not only the Act is an inevitable consequence of the escalation of violence against the Guilty Remnant emerged earlier – and surely accentuated by after Christmas – but the sentiment towards them is typical of a group threatened by another – and no one can give a point since i don't even stop to help an elderly Guilty Remnant that falls to the ground. The Federal Agency makes quite clear what the line to follow with this sect: total elimination of the problem if the situation becomes unmanageable; But Kevin rejects l’ "help", probably more to protect his wife who for human pity. Also the lack of interest of the people with whom Gladys lived every day is predictable; aside from the initial research the Guilty Remnant do not show a minimum of sorrow, except Laurie He has a panic attack, presumably the result of what happened in the last period. The comparison that the subjects Patti is even more disappointing indifference to the death of one of them; looks like it's going to be some kind of revelation and instead is the same brainwashing we saw do Meg: Don't be swayed by memories of the past because that is when you start to feel something. Forget every bond and not try anything further is the creed of Guilty Remnant. But at the same time are filled with signs that say do not forget; Meg, in connection with the murder of Gladys, said Laurie "We want them to remember something they want to forget"; How does this by abandoning their memories and not try anything? Among other things, the fact that it only makes you look even more Pacts to speak their confrontation as one between a mystical Lady and his follower. Despite being given permission, Laurie don't pronounce half word; Although this does not serve to improve its image by possessed complexed, I can't blame her, who tells me that is not a test to prove his faithfulness? I hoped that Laurie committed a mistake, just to make us understand more about how it is over there, instead nothing. Even at the end, looks set to join Father Matt for prayer in the name of Gladys instead starts to play that whistle so strong that even Rose in Titanic!

The only – as well as Jill – to say sentences is right Matt, whose explanation to Kevin about Guilty Remnant gives me that satisfying feeling of having understood something of this episode. "Killing these people is pointless. They don't care because they're already dead. You know, What I want is to bring them back to life ", their not wanting to try anything in fact stands whether they are as dead already. Maybe this interpretation of the Group of white dress is the same reason is not seeking revenge for the Church, wait till they come back to live; It is true that revenge doesn't belong to a priest, but has already shown he can do an exception.

In five episodes from season finale we cannot say to know much more than what we learned in the pilot; the most relevant is that Meg joined permanently to Guilty Remnant, then we won't have to tolerate that voice depressing. I will say that out of all the outstanding issues that most interest me and I hope that continues to be solved within the next few episodes is the identity of Kevin's lover! And congrats to Justin Theroux for tattoo!


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