The Leftovers – 1×06 Guest – by R.

A second episode focuses on a single character, a second episode more interesting of others, in fact I continued to check how much was missing at the end. The protagonist is the most unfortunate and pitied Township of Mapleton, Nora Durst, whose visiting New York becomes an opportunity to make a change in his life from the day of Rapture.

In Mapleton just its name because people assume an expression contritely and embarrassment (last one was Kevin), which explains his bizarre attitude to provoke his compatriots to see how far the pity that elicits can let you go. The episode of the bar had been an alarm bell about a woman who generally looks Yes carrying a great weight, but quiet, as if they were to accept what happened, trying with the job of helping other people in the same situation. At least until we saw it in public. With this episode we see instead the Nora privata, What still makes shopping for a family with young children (throwing punctually cereal boxes still intact), lurking outside their school to the time out – allowing them to also observe the master/mistress of her husband to manic ways – and that doesn't change a roll of toilet paper now finished because that was the last time the children were sitting at the kitchen table. The same woman asks for divorce from cheating husband – look at odds with trying to keep the family affected ménage; pays prostitutes because the shot, wearing the vest, as if that feign death enabling it to be able to prove something in an existence now empty; comes out with "fuck your daughter" in front of Kevin's response to the invitation in Miami.

For the theft of his badge in New York (where you hold an annual Conference for those involved in the granting of benefits to those who have lost someone to the Rapture) has the opportunity to be a simple guest, One participant among many; Yet it cannot be Nora Durst, survivor of three people, the annoys, in fact, didn't want to even take back her maiden name after divorce: probably be Nora Durst is the only thing that remains and losing it would be like losing everything again. Is distracted from the impostor search only by an encounter with a type a little’ strange, who likes to hide his work like Jack Bauer and that involves a party full of fun they have wild sex, alcohol & drug, which defense from getting overwhelmed by depression of the parties to the convention. The man actually works in the production of Loved Ones, What that really should not be so strange. During the party, Nora let go, but to a certain extent: instead of kissing that man, conclusion that the beginning appears obvious, kissing, with much transportation, his Loved One. Maybe it's too used to share something with people no longer exist.

The come unfairly accused of violating the regulations of the hotel her back on a war footing against the thief of badge-and even here his have survived three people help in convincing the head of Security of his innocence. Around the theft of the clock you create some expectation, curious as to why someone wants to enter the convention claiming to be Nora Durst. The whole thing is resolved, however, with a big disappointment; not only the thief is only a woman who wants to denounce the uselessness of the questionnaires that are administered, but as soon as Nora the unmasks, admits to not being Nora Durst. There is no mystery, Neither plot, neither action, It's just a mere lobbying, like those waving placards outside the hotel. And I'm not the only one to be disappointed, the same Nora appears displeased the immediacy of admission; probably the woman had chosen at random the badge referred to appropriate, as well as coincidentally Nora Durst falls into that one chance on 128.000 to lose your entire family for the Rapture. So even here there isn't a bigger meaning.

Nora returns to be Nora Durst, survivor of three people, quiet woman, veiled by sadness. But at the same time in an instant can explode, giving vent to the inner pain. A year before the convention had made a woman cry, today starts to scream against the author of a book, survived four people, but she is just a fake, because "if you were in pain, you would know there is no moving on ". And’ now that attracts the attention of a strange character that, giving her right, invites her to follow him in his apartment (We admire the fact that you accept without flinching); Here there are great expectations about what will happen, especially after paying 1000 dollars, and then it turns out that it is only the Holy Wayne. I keep finding the man embraced by magical very disturbing, with those staring eyes staring at you and that voice with which he seems to want to enchant. The question I pose is always the same "Do you want to feel this way?"; Obviously the answer is no, who would want to continue browsing in depression waiting for something that almost certainly will never come? We witness the magical hug, but it is nothing more than a hug, There are no signs of magic or any other details that justify the power, not even a measly light beam! Yet once again it works. Nora back to Mapleton and change your life: no more spending for family with children and stalking out of school, but a new roll of paper. Just observe it to figure out that something about her has changed, even the question of the questionnaire – "Do you believe the departe is in a better place?" – to which she responded affirmatively like its respondents, now receives its first No.. Why is a mystery, as is what changed in Nora, may Holy Wayne weed really pain?

An episode involving in the path, un po’ less in the results, as always before the randomness and under the same false revelations. Summing up of the events the only novelty are two. First Holy Wayne is close to death: He says he saw and considering how effective with the hugs I have no reason not to believe him. In addition I think I can consider worthy of an equal degree of certainty the next relationship between Nora and Kevin, especially now that she's practically been reborn; at least with their scenes we know where Lindelof and Perrotta wants to go there.


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