The Leftovers – 1×07 Solace for Tired Feet – by R.

Sebbene fino al sesto episodio gli eventi rilevanti si potessero contare sulle dita di una mano, il tempo a Mapleton scorre molto velocemente. Tre anni dal Rapture, otto mesi di gravidanza per Christine e già quattro appuntamenti per la coppia Nora-Kevin. A tre episodi dalla fine però assistiamo ad un’ora un po’ incasinata, ma dove alcuni sviluppi sembrano avere un’impennata destinata ad incidere pesantemente sui prossimi avvenimenti. Protagonisti delle varie storyline sono tutti i membri della famiglia Garvey, chiamati a decidere quale percorso seguire.

The attempt to Kevin to resume a normal life among early appointments and funny messages to his daughter clashes before with Guilty posted outside the Remnant Nora, that will inevitably ruin the atmosphere, then with the father who fled from the Institute. With its voices Senior one who seems Garvey has all the answers, but the attitude from the crowds and the parsimony with which "reports" to the child messages do not contribute to greater clarity of the scenarios. Find out why it had been placed in an institution – set fire to the library causing the injury of one person – and prove that you have not learned the lesson, brutally attacking a fellow Kevin; evidently his mission must be accomplished at any cost, which is typical of any "prophet": spread their message with ways and words such as to pass them for fools. And this is also the fate of Kevin, that between dream and travel behaviors that even he can explain that to the path resumes madness emerged from the early episodes. But perhaps it is not madness, Maybe he and the father are the key to the mysteries of the series. I understand the inevitable comparison with the unforgettable Locke LOST, the one who first of all understood that the island had a larger significance, but precisely none – first and foremost – gave listening. Not just a difference however is that in the case of John could understand, understand why he acted that way and we knew it was right. About Kevin instead doubts there are many, the border between faith and folly is particularly thin: in seven episodes there have been occasions when wonder if Kevin isn't really going crazy, even he himself poses the problem multiple times. What a pity that it did not intend to do an extra step to find out the truth; When Aimee is going to tell him how he snagged that dog and been bitten (bite that still seemed to me more than one person by a dog) the block not too kindly; and especially when the father asks him to accept that the may Edition 1972 of National Geographic as wished by the voices – "They were very specific" – not only rejects, But even the browse quickly! With all the trouble that this man has done to recover it – asking even find her nephew (and here too Kevin doesn't take it well) – He does even a little effort to understand. Jamison's father's words taken from the Bible – "Said the father, My dear son, relate not thy vision to thy brothers, lest they concoct a plot against…" – times to make it reflect a wall are; Although blocked almost immediately, the meaning of Matt's message is clear: Kevin should not show to others what he sees to not end up like his father, but this does not mean that we refuse to see. Then the Reverend knows and believes the visions of Police Chief? As mentioned before also Aimee always seems to be aware of something more than others: sees and hears everything (Jill was not even aware of the new dog) and if it comes out with the right phrase on each thing or person; Why not make an episode all about her? Wouldn't it be fun? And’ you inform us that Kevin would be willing to "rehabilitate" the new dog, thing that gives me hope of not having to attend some assassination of animals. Returning to the Chief of police, the comparison with the clash while the father leads him to choose not to take that route that the voices and visions require, on the other hand encourages him to go further in the relationship with Nora, not caring about everything, Guilty Remnant including. The relationship between the two very tender moments; the difficulty of living it normally makes them awkward and clumsy, but the tune seems perfect: even when Kevin confesses "I think I might be going crazy", She responds "Well, my friend, you've come to the right place ".

Like the father chooses the path of normal life Tom, that in the face of evidence of "cheat" by Holy Wayne decides to follow his every order. The apparent acceptance of yet another request from magic hugs man leads him to discover that he and Christine are not the only couple pregnant Asian student around the United States in its name. But above all that well this girl Holy Wayne prophesied that the child she is carrying in her womb "He's the only one. He's the bridge ". At this point I wonder if there are others in circulation. Unfortunately, the sudden birth prevents us from finding out if Christine would have had the same angry reaction of the other before the Asian news; However, the young man is traumatized enough having given birth to a girl! Heresy in practice! Maybe now the stops with his irritating tone by fanatica! The character of Holy Wayne is always more difficult to frame; her hugs, Although they appear simple hugs, work – unless being faced with an overall capacity of awesomeness. However the man takes advantage of those around him, mind and doesn't seem to even very interested in the fate of pregnant girls (When Tom tells him that Christine is sick, It has no reaction). Then it's a prophet, a charlatan or both? Among those babies there will indeed be the only one, the bridge? That child/bridge could be a sort of connection between the missing and were? Questions about questions! The only certainty appears to be the next Holy Wayne's departure: We see only, in a corridor, not in perfect condition, almost completely naked and he himself refers to Tom "Naked I came from my mother's womb and naked I will depart". As I was curious to know what had to say, I enjoyed the destruction of that crappy phone from Tom; poor guy though, released by Holy Wayne and Christine's baby doll, He never rest just like his father!

Jill Instead it is always a source of bizarre anecdotes, However the immediate stupidity of withdraw into an old refrigerator has then been replaced by finding a sense. While it was closed that same fridge-a friend of the Group had disappeared because of the Rapture and now they lock it for as long as possible in a kind of celebration of that mystery. It's still nonsense, but at least it's nonsense that its "meaning" almost becomes pretty. Jill also has the merit of being the only one who can speak with Grandpa in a calm manner and ensuring that he talk to her; even goes so far to meet its demand of National Geographic number without question, He simply trust in him, in spite of everything. A note though: where Jill sweet and optimistic like Snow White, dove?

Little space for Guilty Remnant, committed to tear the posters with the image of Gladys and the inscription "Save them" created by the Reverend; don't just fine nothing! He began his first annoying stalking Meg, and as the first "victim" has Nora Durst. Seeing as the character of Liv Tyler in the ranks of Guilty Remnant I thought I understood at least because of their choice; I was wrong. Throughout the training phase was boring, heavy, with that expression somewhere between crying and sulking that now seems to be even more accentuated. But I think that you have well understood what it means to be a Guilty Remnant; the basic rules should not be let go every memory of the past and not try anything? Then what are you going to blurt out to Laurie Kevin and Nora have sex? Besides not being his business is in total contrast with the be Guilty Remnant for both the former Mrs. Garvey! He forgot that he had demanded a divorce in his name? Laurie doubts instead seem to be gone: It shows in part at the beginning of the episode by observing the daughter from afar with an expression less affected than in the past and this is confirmed by responding "I know?"the novelty of Meg.

Three years after the Rapture the protagonists of The Leftovers decide finally how to stand in front of this new life. While Laurie is a black smoker, Kevin and Tom turn their backs to mystical and mysterious aspects to retrieve as much as possible a "normal life", but it will be so easy? I doubt rumors, visions and Holy Wayne especially let them alone!

This episode with the case of National Geographic number gives us the opportunity to go digging in detail how us fans of LOST We used to do, making the series an experience that transcend the episode itself. So if you want to see the content 1972 to which Kevin denied us even a brief look at index, Here's a Article He analyzed more than identifying a link with what emerged in bet.


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