The Leftovers – 1×08 Cairo – by R.

For the first time since the beginning of The Leftovers I feel that feeling that underlies the follow a tv series: non vedo l’ora di guardare il prossimo episodio. In “Cairo” ci sono state svolte, spiegazioni ed anticipazioni che hanno reso la puntata intrigante e coinvolgente; il tutto nonostante la presenza di Jill, la cui spirale negativa raggiunge dei picchi che fanno rimpiangere il gioco della bottiglia e il rapimento del bambolotto.

To dominate the episode is Kevin, passing from a possible yet another confrontation with his daughter to a face to face with himself. Sleepwalking, split personality or sheer lunacy is still unclear, but the police chief discovers that during those periods of memory hole is not limited to drinking, hang out and kill dogs, but it was all another man: a man who with his friend (Mystery man) Dean has kidnapped and tortured Patti, intending to kill her. And perhaps the latter is the least surprising, considering how many he passed that woman. Kevin and Dean attended together a hut in the Woods (in the area of Cairo), trudging dogs until Garvey decided to engage in the rehabilitation of what took home, spent a lot of time together building a relationship that the Dean has defined friendship. But Kevin doesn't remember anything, unless some fragment. Now, however, is placed before the fact than it did, of what he believed to be the result of a latent madness: Patti wound (and Jiminy), that doesn't accept his apologies and threatens to ruin his career and life, forcing him to that action that the Kevin that we know doesn't want to implement, even if it is Dean. The police chief is essentially a good man trying to run every ball that falls within its range, from family to community safety; and both are committed to putting a spoke in the wheels. Surprisingly, three years after the Rapture has not yet crashed sending all to hell; instead even when he had been offered a way out of the problem Guilty Remnants had not accepted. And saving Patti the attempted murder of Dean makes essentially the same choice. Despite briefly believed he could go all the way, in fact I knew I couldn't have done it, because he is a good man; It's true he killed dogs and he cheated on his wife, but in the first case only did when he thought that there was no alternative (and anyway now opt for another way) and Laurie if it was heavy then than it is now, as I blame him? With everything that we have seen in recent weeks, it's hard not to sympathize for him, especially when, before the first real explanation of the meaning of Guilty Remnants by Patti, answer what we (I at least) We thought "I don't understand you". The head of Guilty Remnants provides us with an answer that expected from the pilot, deleting even the contradictions so far emerged "I think about it (Rapture) every fuckin’ WAKIN’ moment (...) "what else is there to think about? (...) It doesn't matter what happened, but the difference between you and me is that I accept that it did. And while you push it aside, While you ignore it, We strip ourselves of everything that distracts us from it. We strip away the colorful diversions that keep us from remembering. We strip away attachment, fear and love and hatred and anger. "Until we are erased, "until we are a blank slate. We are living reminders of what you try so desperately to forget ". Now the concept behind the "cult" of Guilty Remnants is clear: everything must be forgotten except what happened, because after an event so big you can't proceed normally with their lives. Basically the exact opposite of what they say to those who have suffered a bereavement. So the basic idea is clear, but by understanding it, share we are far, We can't remember the dead anyway, no need to become the living dead? Even the Guilty Remnants aspire to become the dead real, the walkers of The Walking Dead have an instinct for survival much more developed. Great revelation: the same Guilty Remnants killed Gladys with his good pleasure for that martyrdom made her unforgettable; and that is the fate of all men in white, which way will they be able to force anyone else to remind them and their message. Use the contempt that arouse (specially) in other to change from victims, as martyrs and force the rest of the world to understand them. I find them increasingly disturbing and irritating. Every time Patti and Kevin met, She challenged him with looks and smiles of mockery; now the results with words because it makes it memorable, killing her. But Kevin present to itself can't do that and then she kills herself with a piece of glass, addressing the last provocation "You understand". We say goodbye to one of the most hateful and disturbing characters on tv.

Patti confirms the police chief that also Laurie will be ready for destiny from Guilty Remnant "so soon", but this is not the conversation about the woman who arouses most interest, but that related to why has joined to smokers in white. From the words of the two it seems that his choice was made shortly after the Rapture and discovering cheating husband; We know that Kevin was with his mistress when there was the Rapture, so it is possible that Laurie has "caught" during the chaos of the post disappeared. The husband thinks the affair that she's gone, Patti asserts that this is because she gave him what he could not: a purpose. Can they rebuild the relationship with her husband was not a purpose sufficient? Even more so after an event like the Rapture? Families like that of Nora emerged destroyed, She remained completely alone; While Laurie was fortunate that no member of his family to remain involved and sends it to the message of Patti; would be more defensible if he did by the horns of Kevin! In light of the revelations by Patti on fate as martyrs also takes on an entirely different light the collapse had by Laurie after the death of Gladys, not a shock to that suffered by women, but a concern for its future. Perhaps she herself was among the stone throwers! When Laurie appears on right arm of Patti, indeed his heir now. And already has his hands full with Meg, that does not seem to fully accept the "cult" that has voluntarily embraced: rages violently against the priest because it speaks to his mother, shouldn't have to forget? Replaces Laurie in anger toward Nora as a new companion of Kevin, should not be indifferent? Speaks, speaks, speaks; complaining about how other people do not spoil them, the spitting them out on me and lifeguard with water hose (not that kill them, as evidence that she was aware that Gladys had been "victim" of his own comrades). What are you still doing with them if you don't accept anything?

But now, with a scene reminiscent of Meg at the end of the pilot, It would seem on the verge of joining Guilty Remnants also Jill, What that one side makes me happy because at least I don't feel talk, on the other, it irritates me because it's yet another slap at the poor guy by Kevin. That man has tried in every way to meet, in this episode he also followed the advice of Nora on not picking on her daughter for the scene at dinner (really embarrassing) because the clash was what was intended. Already, Jill takes advantage of every opportunity to make him angry, to provoke him, to attract (negatively) his attention, as a child of five years! And no provocation is never enough, must always go farther; This time even infecting Nora to search for the gun (What would you like to try then with this story?!) and leaving a mess so that you know what you did. Jill comes to remove the one that's always been close, He understood and tried to advise her despite that temperamental, Aimee. And it does so in wishing you a question that torments me from the pilot "Did you fuck my dad?"; have you ever suspected that something happened between Kevin and Aimee? And’ from the first scene between the two i have this suspicion: the way she looks at him and spoke to him, as he is in trouble when they're in the same room; If it weren't for the three years since the Rapture would be my first candidate as a possible lover. Yet the affirmative answer giving isn't the least bit believable, is the classic provocation that replies to another. I still have a bet that explain why Aimee has none, If he lost all in Rapture or other. Now, however, the House will be empty because not only terribly Garvey two girls are gone, but Jill has also released the dog; I must say that when I saw her with that knife I turned around because I really believed he was going to kill him, I think this is more than capable of what his father.

Brief reflection on Dean: We saw it clearly speak with voices as the father of Kevin and Patti says it's like a ghost as there is no information about his past. This suggests that maybe it's really that somebody posted by Kevin as claimed by his father, Since it suggests that those “Awards” by the other citizens are the result of false memories, exactly like those created by the existence of Dawn Buffy.

After all these events promises to be exciting final episodes, with the Guilty Remnants that on the occasion of Memorial Day are prepared for a mind-blowing staging with the Loved Ones of the disappeared of Mapleton. Evidently hoping that this time the others killed them without worrying stone between them!


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