The Leftovers – 1×09 The Garveys at Their Best – by R.

Just an hour from the finale of the first season, The Leftovers gives us a wonderful flashback episode, Perhaps the best of these early in the company of the inhabitants of Mapleton. After the events of "Cairo" was almost a necessity with a bet to regain your breath. Not too much though, because it shows how proceeded family life twenty-four hours before Garvey in Rapture, between an apparent happiness, latent disagreements and our awareness of the change that was about to hit Kevin and the other inhabitants.

The first images are those of a happy family, with Kevin doing morning jog, Laurie made-up and elegant, busy with his work as a psychotherapist, Jill Calder and Tom sociable and smiling. I Durst not be outdone, with children frolicking in bed of parents and the husband who is rooting for job interview Nora: the perfect family of the Mulino Bianco. Even the community takes on a completely different light: neighbors say hello and Merry at the police Chief's birthday party, that is not even Kevin, but his father.

Yet shortly after these scenes already beginning to score yourself some small cracks here and there, introduced by the presence of a deer that terrorizes the town. In the pilot Kevin He had hit a deer in a scene that it was unclear whether it was real or a dream; Now we find that already three years earlier he had met on his way a deer, what a, Unlike his colleagues, He wanted to save, considering it simply confused and mislaid (the surprising thing in negative is that everyone else wanted to take down directly). Garvey wants to give him a chance of recovery, returning to his free life in the Woods, as well as the Chief of police that we recently decided to rehabilitate a dog. Because he is a good man, as I have defined in previous post? He does not consider that, makes it clear to the woman with whom betrays Laurie, but not for adultery; Although in conversation with the father seems to refer to that, in fact it still has committed: Kevin just isn't satisfied with his life, looking for something more, because, as admits the father, every man always believes that there is a greater purpose. The only sin concreto which you may deposit has been secretly smoking again, Although the decision to quit has nothing to do with the will of Laurie. This dissatisfaction leads him to distance himself from his family; the relationship with Laurie is posted, They speak of everyday life, but don't go beyond because he hides that trying really. With Jill is starting the period of misunderstanding, made clear from an exchange of jokes ("I don't get it", "No, Dad, you don't ") on a trivial and ridiculous internet videos that laughing she, but where Kevin doesn't find anything so funny (I can't blame him, What was so funny?!): is a short conversation reminiscent of those that they used previously. However Garvey Jr. doesn't want to surrender; Spurs Laurie adopting the dog, promising that will help, Watch the video of Jill and especially, shedding light on a side of him that we never could see, ago by father Tom: the natural attacks him – probably because the guy doesn't accept his disinterest – and Kevin tackles hard-nosed man. Precisely this gesture makes from straw that breaks the camel's back in the relationship with Laurie, It accuses him for not have told. The woman should have caught the ball not to hide anymore the status of their relationship, Because Kevin has told him that I found it quite normal, a kind of secret father-son. The answer that the husband gives her "It's not my fuckin’ place "goes beyond the same question Tom, reflecting that feeling of impatience that evidence to the family. Here comes the deer to serve you on a silver platter to escape both the lite with Laurie's family into the woman I meet from ménage Kevin is in bed at the time of the Rapture. So many thoughts on who it might be and what kind of relationship they had instead and it was a total stranger travelers, death on the occasion of the Rapture, with which then was that one time!

Laurie for its part makes me spend the whole episode to believe it is gravely ill and instead was pregnant, but does not have the courage to tell the husband having regard to the situation between them. It is not clear whether or not you want to keep it, but ultimately this decision is avoided because the fetus will disappear with the Rapture (I didn't think it could also affect a fetus that has a dependency on blood from the mother). This event, while painting a dramatic picture of the State of the woman three years before, leaves me more perplexed than its decision to abandon all for Guilty Remnants: losing the baby and the immensity of what happened in the world shouldn't inspire you even more toward trying to piece together his family? Surprisingly, even the meeting in his studio; as mentioned, Laurie was a psychotherapist and his patients are a docile and submissive Terms, destroyed for being kicked her out by her husband and engulfed by apocalyptic premonitions; faced with skepticism by Laurie, Patti takes out a cryptic sentence that at the time I thought to confirm the hypothesis that was sick "You can feel it too, can't you? I know you can. "Something's wrong" inside you ", but that leaves me in doubt with subsequent denial on its meaning.

It's not all fun and games even the life of Nora Durst; è vero, We already knew that her husband was cheating on her, but she recently discovered and the image that had emerged in the early episodes was that of a woman who had lost her family from publicity. Nora was actually an anonymous woman – is impressive as it's the most infamous of Mapleton, While then Lucy (the future Mayor) do not remember even his name just read – completely submerged by the role of mother, with a husband seconded, that always comes too late to be able to greet the children. Nora doesn't make it more, It needs something else, of something that's just her and allows her to be exclusively Nora, not the mother or wife of someone. From this point of view, its position is similar to that of Kevin, both dissatisfied with their lives and with the desire to get away from their families. But it is quite unlike the time of Rapture; While Kevin is in bed with another, Nora has just turned – physically – his back on his family, angry because you don't listen causing injury (How can she not be upset between the little girl down the juice after she well advised to hold the glass with two hands and my husband who doesn't give you a minimum of help with her children?!). When you turn them no more; the idea that that's the last memory she has of her family – she exasperated to the point probably hoped that there wasn't more – makes it even more tragic what happened.

An episode nice and emotionally strong, veiled by a feeling of sadness for the awareness of what we know is going to happen, not only to the protagonists, But even the most minor characters (It was not strange the image of Gladys smiling dog breeder?). The effect is similar to that elicited by one of the final scenes of season one of LOST, When we display the moments prior to the takeoff of the plane. To throw one final mystery (as if the Rapture itself wasn't enough) women in cars that meet Kevin, that I was distressed because the "witches" finale Paranormal Activity 3: searching for someone and they think that someone is Kevin; immediately after their passage there is a manhole explosion. That’ "Are you ready?"mistakenly addressed to Kevin who is actually intended? She probably had to do with the Rapture took place a few hours later? Questions to which we will have to wait until next season as the grand finale focuses on disturbing chart of Guilty Remnants, how they will react the inhabitants of Mapleton?


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