The Leftovers – 2×01 Axis Mundi (Season Premiere) – Review by R.

After over a year of waiting, The Leftovers She came back with the second season and both before and after the airing of the premiere can say "!". The conclusion the first series had left no small curiosity, catching up on an early season a little’ slow and where the nonsense made it too much to master even for a fierce fan of ’ LOST.

The ’ interest was then increased with the first rumors on the new spread in recent months, Firstly the miraculous Jarden, even renamed Miracle.

More than 9,000 inhabitants and no departure, This Texas town takes advantage of full l ’ aura of miracle that surrounds: attracts tourists from every part of the most famous pilgrimage places, It has a very diverse merchandising and its citizens will bask in self-praise ’ – choir song says "God loves us because we're special ’". We are in a city with sacred images on every corner, where l pond water ’ cannot be taken falls within the normal slaughter a goat in a diner – this mania to show the killing of animals could also have it go. The ’ impression is that its inhabitants consider seriously to be spared for a few their specialties or its territory and that this should be glorified and especially protected from strangers. All these aspects are presented through the adventures of new characters, the members of the Murphy family, which make it clear that the ’ element of the complexity of the protagonists will not be outdone even this year ’. Murphy apparently are a perfect family, d joyful and full ’ love; as Garvey before the Rapture; as their idyllic Jarden. But as Garvey that already before departures gave signs of impatience, Murphy also have their flaws, as well as their city, marked by cracks in asphalt ’, isolated by teche, the result probably continuous earthquakes.


The householder John Murphy It is certainly the most controversial character; His funny side, by ’ obsession with a shackle to a heavy sleeper, are only short intervals compared to constant severity and especially the role of guardian/death wish "sacredness" of Jarden. Those who threaten, go get away, with force if necessary; We find out through an old friend, Isaac, guilty of reading the future of the people in the footprints left by the hands in tempera and then to defraud those who turn to him. Beyond believe that man has really ’ that capacity – after the hugs of Holy Wayne could certainly no surprise – his activity has obviously a further dramatic effect for those who see a Jarden salvation, thereby helping to strengthen the transformation of Jarden in Miracle. So why kick him and burn their house? From this point of view it makes more sense the hostility manifested by John ’ in front of Father Matt Jamison -You must replace the priest of Texas communities – When he mentions how much he and his wife have faced for the Rapture; just one look between John and his men because the former priest to stop Jamison before may appoint that event and later, facing the question inquiring of Murphy, Matt understands that that button should not be touched. John Murphy and cows in the light of this the joke made in Kevin Garvey "We don't have any ’ friends" doesn't sound like a joke; so are the fact that he was in jail for attempted murder and the comment with "’ didn't try hard enough". No wonder then that is influenced by the anticipation of Isaac "Something bad is gonna happen", much to suspect that apple pie appearance on his porch is poisoned and give the new neighbors.


But misfortune hit the daughter Evangeline, a teenage ’ the eyes of parents is the perfect daughter, good in sport and member of the church choir, but with her girlfriends likes to tease a doctor into the Lake and run naked through the trees. Even before their meeting one senses an affinity between Evie and Jill Garvey, confirmed when the second ride to joke about the first Lily "Is she adopted or did your mother fuck a black dude?"and that embarrasses the twin brother Michael. Before these two regret already Aimee. Apparently, however, won't have to endure long Evie: After the umpteenth earthquake ’ Murphy discovers that his daughter has disappeared, vanished along with two girlfriends and all ’ pond water. Adding to the mystery around the girl is the form of epilepsy from which is affected the causes of that crisis is absent for a few seconds.

More relaxed instead the other two members of the Murphy family. John's wife, Erika, is a deaf doctor who tends to put on her husband's every laugh. However some doubt it raises; not just in front of the injured Isaac shows no compassion, but hiding underground a box inside a bird – surprisingly still alive when the open. Michael otherwise gives rise to concerns, committed to the community and especially in the ’ two mysterious men (a holy man dress atop a tower), and in merchandising of Jarden by selling vials of pond water. Seems the most tender and candido of the family, a good guy and an honest believer: When a visitor asks him if that will save water ’ no tricks, He clearly says that it's just a souvenir. Pity that already have a penchant for Jill.


A premiere with lots, especially questions, but that is fine for all ’ now without boring; the feeling is that the interest shown in the late ’ of the first season is expected to rise thanks to the mysteries of Jarden/Miracle and his controversial inhabitants. Little space dedicated to veterans, However this proved necessary by ’ introducing the new scenario, occurred anyway in respect than we have seen in the first series; I mean many changes, but without giving the impression of ’ watching a different show.

A location could be attributed to the initial segment dedicated to the sad story of a woman of prehistory, whose key moments are marked by the flight of an Eagle ’. For pure chance the woman, pregnant, is all ’ outside of his cave when the entrance ’ is blocked following an earthquake, condemning to death his fellow; calves immediately after, but then, in an attempt to rescue the baby from a snake, is bitten and died near a pond – the child is recovered from a ’ woman. That Lake and the earthquake are linked to those of Jarden, But even the story itself becomes significant in comparison to what happened to the protagonists of the show: his companions disappeared all a sudden ’ her for a coincidence you saved, to go to a meeting later ’ other disgrace; It is not basically the same story as the other characters? I wonder why the escaped Rapture, but since then have faced a tragedy after ’ more. The prehistoric woman sequence lasts several minutes, There is no dialog box ’, yet never expires in noia, on the contrary; even in those scenes for the new season of The Leftovers manages to keep alive the interest ’, It would seem that this time he really started on the right foot.


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