The Leftovers – 2×02 A Matter of Geography – Review by R.


"We ’ 're all okay" so Jill tells about her brother Tom, Kevin, Nora and baby girl Lily. And so it seems indeed. In little screentime the premiere they all appeared tranquil and serene as ever had them visas for the entire first season ’. But just a few minutes to change his mind and re-evaluate their whole scene of the previous episode ’. The second episode of The Leftovers allows us to witness to what happened to the new family Garvey in the time between the Season Finale and the premiere, thus providing a different perspective of arriving at Jarden/Miracle. If initially the serenity they had left seems destined to last, with mutual confessions of their funny humor, the scenes they see Kevin and Nora show cracks separati, in spite of everything around them is proceeding smoothly. The ’ adoption of small Lily goes through smoothly, Garvey's statement to the police about the death of Patti has consequences, Nora gets almost 3 millions of dollars for his old House and old Garvey is ready to move to Australia after being discharged from the psychiatric hospital ’.

The ’ offer to his house for a much higher price than like a new obsession Nora. Some researchers believe that the Rapture may just be "A matter of geography"; According to this vision, the woman would have survived because it was the kitchen sink instead of at the table with the rest of the family. When you say the case! It is clear that a ’ whole town spared represents the eyes of Nora – and thousands of others – the safest place in the world if the Rapture happens, becoming the logical choice when Kevin proposes transferring. But all the reasonableness of this series of events is less in front of the disproportionate reaction of the Durst when it turns out that the House is burned down – it was that of Isaac, made by John burn: the millions obtained are thrown in a matter of seconds on a House at auction even ’ views, in front of stunned gaze of Kevin. The need for security blinds Nora, does not think, nothing can stop her from trying to prevent a repeat of the past ’. Understandable Yes, but you can't say she's OK.


Kevin view more quickly the first signs of imbalance: unearths the body of Patti and especially to see it starts again. Lindelof announced that the character would return this last ’, but not in what form; After this episode we might feel like in the past, whether it's a hallucination ’, However, Kevin's father's words raise doubts. The man claims to be ’ better from the moment he started to listen to the voices he heard, It is possible therefore that the apparitions are not a sign of imbalance, but all ’ more? After all, in a world where it is possible for a part of the world's population is falling apart all sudden ’, could equally be hear voices, as Kevin's father would say "wouldn't you ’ agree that the laws of nature seemed a bit fucking upside down as of late?". Patti wants Kevin listen, he refuses, you stop your ears with music to avoid it, offers the ’ goodbye to Mapleton to escape. And from the moment the Garvey family exceeds the confines of fortified Miracle, everything starts to go wrong. The dog is quarantined, the House acquired there is ’ more, that all ’ auction is reduced bad, Kevin and Nora argue and Patti is still there to pretend to be played. During the first night in your new home – after the visit – Kevin Murphy seems to have a truce, Unable to sleep without music. Pity that sleepwalking lathes: Garvey awakens in the pond has dried up, a few moments before the arrival of John ’ and Michael; the appearance of the two, hides and next to him is ’ c terms with his haunting "Oh oh". Maybe you should really start listening to the woman; or you could visit ’ man caravan – visited by Michael in premiere – they offered him help with your situation ", in any case it seems to me clear that the technique of denial not working.

Faced with these events the ’ picture emerged in the premiere of the new happy family just moved in the most coveted city in the world falls apart a bit after l ’ more. Every interaction in the last episode with Murphy takes on a different light; the contrast between John and Kevin, l ’ ex-con and ex-COP ’, It's not as strong as it appeared: the perplexity of Kevin in front of his new neighbor is from his personal concerns spotted, the "hallucinations" in primis.


It reinforces the image of celebrated cities ’, protected and at the same time exploited by Jarden. The renamed Miracle became the new promised land, everyone wants to visit and only a lucky few are able to obtain the title of residents. Strict rules for visitors – can't touch l pond water ’, their precise times to visit… – and its borders are protected as those of a State in itself, with controls equal to those of the input ’ in the USA. Quarantine for animals and bangles for new residents, auction at inflated prices for the rare and varied merchandise available housing, Welcome video and celebratory customs: every detail paints Jarden as the place where everyone wants to be or where they would at least have a bit in hopes to protect them. In Conclusion, Nora can not feel alone in her obsession. But what will happen if the news of the death of Evie, her friends and the pond will begin to spread?

Showing signs of improvement Jill, Maybe we said farewell to angry teenager ’ of season. She's good with her little sister, Nice to Nora, lightens the mood with funny jokes ’ and seems to have passed the stage of hatred towards his father, much to encourage his brother to a minimal communication with him. The unique ’ which keeps a hard attitude is the mother, but as blame? Inter alia, Laurie could put some’ more d commitment to ’ resume relations with her daughter, He even got a nod from greeting car ’! And what are they combining her and Tom?

With this episode we look at time point before, but now, In addition to knowing exactly what happened after the events of Season Finale, We have a complete vision of the two families at the heart of this new season: Murphy and Garvey both hide their cracks, what a, given the circumstances, are intended to widen more and more. Oh no, Jill, I'm sorry, but "You're not ’ all OK".


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