The Leftovers – 2×04 Orange Sticker – Review by R.


"There are no miracles in Miracle", fear or claim that is, This is the phrase that revolves around the ’ episode. To pronounce it as a fact is John Murphy, While Nora has the shape of the bigger fear that begins to materialize.

Finally back in town from Texas in the exact moment of the earthquake ’, We see from last ’ missing perspective, that of Nora. Waking up in the middle of the night to a shock and not finding the right mate highlights apprehension in itself; If you are Nora Durst and discover that even the neighbors daughter passed away, a panic attack with fainting is the least that can happen. What was supposed to be the first night of a new life is in danger of turning into the worst nightmares of the woman, What has obsessively tried to escape: losing someone again because of the Rapture. Kevin hug the calms, but not entirely: the disappearance of the girls and the pond deteriorates the hope placed in Jarden, his need for security. Nora strives to exclude another Rapture, but his theory – "The Sudden Departure was a one-time-only event. The flood happened three years ago on October 14th, and the ark took on all the animals it needed. Why in God's name ’ would it take on any more?" – Although it may have a mystical sense, I sounds more like the classic argument of self-defense understandable, but unfounded "misfortune has already happened to me and I don't happen again". This denial with Jill is followed by anger against brother, guilty of having designated Jarden as a special place; Matt though replies, confessandole to have experienced a miracle: the first night in town, his wife Mary woke and talked for hours, to return to the same the next morning vegetative state. I don't know if Nora embraces him because he believes or simple brotherly comfort. Maybe he just needs to find a new placebo for its need for security and the tiniest foothold is fine; d is not ’ I have ever been shown to share the religious beliefs of Jamison. The companion of his puts us in upset: It is not enough that you are not at home when Nora wakes, lose the phone on what is now a crime scene! Leave at least a quiet front to this poor woman! Nora is also acquainted with the men of the caravan ’, who knows of his loss and the significant name of Virgil, What we will pay?


Kevin is not better, confused by what happened and still tormented by Patti; come unknowingly involved in the Mission of punitive John do not help. L ’ imprint left by Garvey on car ’ of the girls played by Murphy as a vindication of Isaac, confirmation that something bad happened as the predicted, becoming a great diversion and involuntary Kevin. At least for the moment. I do not understand why John Kevin ports along, you know from 24 hours and their first encounter is not the first step to a long friendship. Garvey at the end is useful, preventing him from killing Isaac and bringing wounded by his wife. Kevin lives a strange new evening with Murphy, which highlights the different conceptions of the spouses; with the line "There are no miracles in Miracle" John concludes his cynical view of what is dominating Jarden, nothing more than a business ’, only a sweatshop illusory security. Erika clarifies this thought of her husband, Recalling that his vigilante missions began when, released from prison, Notice the way charlatans of every kind were reducing Jarden; However instead of him, the woman believes in her exceptional community ’, So how do you think all ’ of her daughter Evie exceptionalism. And it is precisely here that is the contradiction that the door saying "Things are going to change now"; According to the woman is not possible that someone has wanted to hurt someone like Evie, know that we are not dealing with a normal case of missing girl – the draining of the Lake does nothing but confirm: outstanding girl has vanished and with her the uniqueness of ’ Miracle.


Kevin is no longer the Chief of police, but it continues to be the one to which all come; Jill has a point in recognizing that the ’ origin of the sleepwalking. And perhaps only Patti can help you. Last season I hated his character, what worried me and bugged me in equal measure, but in this they are increasingly convinced that it is the only ’ that Kevin should heed. After all, she does find the phone, some credit in addition we can grant him. At the end you decide to listen Garvey and what he says is absolutely not pleasant. Patti opens her eyes to Kevin about what happened the night before: l ’ ex-COP attempted suicide, seriously wanted to die by jumping into that Lake and was saved only by a "divine intervention". Woman puts in doubt the love of ’ Garvey for his family, for Nora especially, reducing their relationship to "you're all ’ just clinging on to each other", I mean you love just because they need the ’ one of the other ’. Actually all agrees to terms, purtroppo. Kevin always seems committed to put spokes in the wheels alone, awake unearths the body of Patti and leaves a mark on Evie's car ’, from sleepwalker attempts suicide. Obviously the idea that Garvey you want to kill yourself just don't like, Why would you do this to us, Kevin?! Also I hope that is true love between him and Nora. The woman physically strengthens their bond with a pair of handcuffs for the night, but unfortunately we are facing Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele: the only reason is ’ be sure not to wake up alone again.

Jill It rests in a quiet corner to Lily's older sister and comfort to others, Michael in the first place. The guy has a blind faith in God as Matt, But unlike the last ’ of ’ doesn't seem to mind the miracle: Evie's twin sister knows that is no longer there, you know that orange sticker ’ on the House – the have been marred by the Rapture – no longer makes sense to stay attached. And without that single sticker, Jarden loses its formal miracolosità; "Things are going to change now", Erika has reason. The story of Matt insinuates doubt, but can we really believe? It wouldn't be the first time he has hallucinations and we are talking about the same man who is guided by the pigeons. One thing is certain: Jarden is not the island of ’ LOST, where Locke went back to walking and healed from cancer Rose; so before you talk about miraculous healings, Matt, Retrieves all six seasons of LOST!


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  1. Watching this episode and thinking about the miracle theme / no miracle I came to consider that miracles here described are those usually perceived as such, even in a world where there was no departure…. For as a mother your daughter isn't great?premature birth is a miracle in a sense, but sometimes it happens. Mary maybe he would awake in another place and would still be a “miracle”. the fact that these things happen around a city that has this reputation leads people to do this connection,But if there had been no Miracle maybe would have been the moon phase, or evening prayer before. In Conclusion, Maybe the authors are using an exceptional setting (the departure) to tell all too normal elements of the human soul. And here you really see lost, and a little’ mi commuovo 🙂

  2. Always have everything as indecipherable and complex and sometimes it's hard to pick the simplest interpretation that maybe is more apt.
    This year the mystery has a greater weight of last season and I think it's a good. If then there are references to Lost I immediately willingly, especially those developments that seem incomprehensible (such as those by Matt).

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