The Leftovers – 2×06 Lens – Review by R.


Taking the perspective of this season – "A story of two families" – This episode focuses on the women of the two families, Nora and Erika. Two women, two stones against the Windows, a Murphy House, l ’ other Garvey House.

Is Nora the first one to start, hitting at night the neighbors House ’. The reason is not clear, If you are not careful you could have the doubt about the damaged home and the guilty. You can guess though, not only for what we have become accustomed Nora when its need for security is undermined, but also and especially for the woman known in the past season. Nora was intentional transfer at any cost to Jarden because according to scientists who had bought his house disappearances were due to place where people were at the time of the Rapture. Now another scientist claims that may be determined by those close to them: These would function as the lens through which the child burn ants – this sample I had never heard; in this sense would be that lens Nora Burns (wipes) the people next to you: She therefore would have caused the disappearance of her children and now one of Evie and her friends. Actually the fact that they have disappeared the same night in which Nora moved into new house sounds like a pretty strange coincidence, but then why Kevin, Jill and Lily are still there? This argument becomes more convincing when George Brevity of Department of Sudden Departure, the same reason Nora works, confirms that it is receiving a large consensus and that is to be included in the questionnaires to be family members of the disappeared. Too bad then women who want to use the data on Durst claims that all its ’ be a lens there might be a demon; d ’ agreement that never fail religious references, but the issue doesn't seem like its demoniaca/esorcistica related to the show, as it was not for LOST. For Brevity, among other demons not ’ c ’ enter, all ’ there would be a ’ source offshoot of UV.

Value theories apart, the idea of being ’ a lens causes in Nora a understandable devastating effect, the writers do not have mercy on you! Believe it or not, the ’ insinuation, or better, the return of guilt is inevitable. We are not desperate reaction when he no longer found Kevin in bed, but the angry, of hatred toward those neighbors “guilty” – through Evie's disappearance – having them relive a whole ’ again. Thanks to Lily and Garvey, Nora has had a new chance and now the past returns.


In the ninth episode of the first season, we could see how they were progressing the lives of the protagonists in the hours preceding the Rapture and the image of Nora Durst as a mother and wife in a family from Mulino Bianco had collapsed: the woman was at a point of exasperation that he wanted to at least get away for a while’ from his family; the Rapture-l ’ had sadly been content. Now we find that Erika was experiencing a similar situation on the day of his daughter's disappearance: the Murphy was planning to leave her husband and while it was quiet that Michael, on the strength of his faith, would figure out and move forward, She was worried about her Evie; had expressed the wish that was all right without her, the same night the daughter has vanished into thin air. Neither remembers which women were the last words exchanged with their children. Both wanted something for themselves, they wanted to get away from their families and an unexplained event has somehow settle; unconfessed desire of Nora or expressed through a bird by Erika may have had a role in all? Nora thinks no or at least desperately trying to convince themselves that it is not so, steals the questionnaire to Brevity, to prove to the nearby that Evie is not the victim of a new Rapture; Erika instead feels guilty. The comparison between the two high voltage is, even when everything seems to be quiet, you still have the feeling that at any moment all else ’ a women could let go for a grand gesture. Shooting off from all other ’ a ’, reminded me of a western duel with ’ winning shot waiting. But no WINS. Nora and Erika are two mothers who lost their children, struggle with their personal guilt and try to move forward each in its own way. Erika accepts her supposed guilt, Nora rejects, But what may not be d ’ agreement are very similar. And in fact it ended Erika repeating the gesture of Nora, throwing a stone against his window.


Through Erika we also find answers to some of the questions that arose previously. First we find out eventually who left the cake the Murphy House porch, or better, who has made ’: Virgil, l ’ camper man with Christmas lights. Is a family of Erika, Maybe the father, and it is also the victim of attempted murder for which he was sentenced John; with that cake but didn't want to poison him, but comfort them in pain, especially Erika. This last seems to remain, however, ’ from her husband, odd considering that she was about to leave. Perhaps this intention is the most unexpected: the woman was always appeared as the sympathetic wife, that was close to her husband despite everything; as he pointed out Patti, He edited John from a gunshot without hesitation and with no questions asked, If this is not conjugal devotion! There was that there was no agreement on ’ d every action of man ’, but not sure I would leave. In the premiere the Murphy seemed the perfect happy family, a ’ image is crumbling fast; exactly like the Durst family.

Erika l ’ also explains the origin of the "Rite" of burying alive birds in the woods – that by the night of the disappearance of Evie ceased to survive – and ’ current lifestyle in Jarden: l ’ man who kills the goat, the woman with the ’ wedding dress are just two examples of how the people of Miracle is repeating every gesture of 14 October to "make sure" that the Rapture will not occur ever in their territory. D the agreement ’ good luck, but I'm a little disturbing. And anyway, Thanks Erika for you saved that poor goat; If you'd stop with the birds would be even better.

The episode ends with ’ l ’ nth to torment poor Nora: Kevin confesses to see and hear from Patti time. Considering as it began the speech of man ’ ("I'm seeing someone" ’ ") at least what Nora can breathe a sigh of relief: Kevin's not cheating. How come you will be determined to Garvey talk? And Durst will tell you of the call of Laurie? I must say that mother and son I almost forgot, almost because erase from my mind the scene of Tom and Meg is impossible. But now you don't know where both Tom, their storyline m very curious ’. What happened after she unveiled her magic hugs?


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