The Leftovers – 2×07 A Most Powerful Adversary – Review by R.


The conclusion I have come to the end of this episode is that in The Leftovers You can't trust anyone. Perhaps the only one that I'd do a minimum of trust is Kevin, but Jill could legitimately argue.

Kevin Garvey you wake up alone, handcuffed to the bed; As Patti informs him with that pleasure even veiled from "I told you", Nora She went out with Lily and Mary. I can understand that if your mate do you confess to see and talk to a dead woman, I stay somewhat discombobulated, especially if you are in a desperate search for normality. But precisely because of this last, even Nora took his behavior concerns, by squandering millions on a House ever to steal questionnaires. Kevin was supposed to tell her right away, but he feared his reaction wasn't wrong: He accepted the transfer to Jarden and the idea of cuffs, committed despite the interference Terms to get things going and when he asks her help she goes away. We may stay as a reaction, but he could at least give him a chance to clarify, before or after, instead of fleeing at night leaving a useless card and rejecting calls.

At least it's not true that he has purposely left handcuffed, that can be attributed to Patti that prevents him from finding the key, forcing him to turn to Jarden with a showy bracelet. To get rid of the latter Kevin turns to John, He hadn't ever done! In what I believe is the only fire station where you could find some wire cutters, the ex-COP finds himself having to release the imprint of his hand for comparison with that found on the car of Evie. Unless a miracle, We know what will reveal the scanner. But at the moment it is the least of our problems.


Nora's gone, Jill I blame his removal, Patti mocks him and at any moment the city could accuse him of the disappearance of the girls. Missing right the arrival of Laurie with all its novelties to screw up even more the poor Kevin. The man knows nothing about what has happened in the last period between old family members Garvey: Laurie left Guilty Remnants, Tom had returned and was with her mother, but now he's gone again, He and Jill were in contact. Although Kevin was in a moment of absolute serenity, This slew of updates would undermine not just, the shots are the lowest reaction you expect. Laurie, however, instead of giving him time to digest everything takes and leaves, well she. Is the former COP to go after the woman, not only as a former wife, but also of psychotherapist. According To Laurie, man suffers from a psychotic disorder, see Patti is her way of turning off those feelings of fear, neglect and guilt that torment all the day of Rapture; Laurie had joined in that cult, He sees the dead leader. Kevin knows he needs help, psychotic disorder or less, and Laurie could be the solution – or which therapist or because when there is you, There's Patti – so she decides to take her home with you (taking advantage of the fact that the woman has kept her last name). However, just before you can ask him explanations on the return of Jill Laurie, Kevin runs at full speed by Virgil.


Until this episode and in contrast to the first season I thought Kevin would have to listen to Patti, like the father who is better off when he listens to voices. In the face of difficulties that she continues to create and teasing, with this episode, I changed my mind in favor of Virgil. It turns out that the man is actually the grandfather of Michael, probably the father of Erika, and that John had tried to kill him as much as he had done long before – in her words it would appear that in the past had been a pedophile and John one of his victims. Despite this and despite the demonic theories-esorcistiche does not belong to this show, When he explains to Kevin that the only way to get rid of Patti's fight against her in "the other place" and then die for a few minutes, While not interpreting it verbatim, I tend to be given a kernel of truth. Virgil also reveals the mystery of the night of the disappearance of the girls: Kevin had been already then to him and had so believed by go to commit suicide at the Lake; in this perspective, the earthquake and the draining of the pond according to Virgil are proof that the presence that haunts him he "saved", proving to be "a most powerful adversary". It seems the plot of Insidious, Ok, though Virgil knew of Patti before Kevin I spoke, So how do you know the story of Nora; In addition Patti tries to make him appear totally unreliable in the eyes of Garvey, While Michael is on the side of his grandfather, We can not trust the good and sweet Michael, do not? Kevin doesn't want to die, makes it clear. His same wanting to try your proposed road to man is demonstrating that wants to do anything to be able to live peacefully with his family; Patti had lied, that night he didn't want to commit suicide, He wanted to get rid of her and that seemed the only way. When Nora calls asking her if she's going to believe him when he tells you that Patti's gone, may refer as much to the result of the help of Laurie as that of Virgil, but the presence of former wife also introduces the possibility that wants to make sure that Jill has close a parent if something goes wrong.

Virgil pours poison to Kevin and says he will save it in five minutes by injection of epinephrine; Garvey does like his father, listen to the voice: Patti tells him to kill himself – rimangiandoselo in a moment – and he drinks. I do not know myself what I expect after this gesture, certainly not Kevin in a dark place to another dimension to fight who knows that demon, because we are The Leftovers not at Insidious or Salem. I stayed there as Virgil, to set Garvey, waiting for I don't know what, until a terrible doubt has crept to materialize the next second: Virgil empties the injection of epinephrine and fires a shot in the mouth. Rest shocked and speechless concordantly to silence the next scene. The previous discussion heard just between Michael and Grandpa makes sense. The guy knew the real plan of Virgil and shortly thereafter enters the trailer to drag away the body of Kevin. Kevin Garvey cannot be dead; his condition they say quite the opposite, but I will not even consider this possibility.


Michael must have something in mind, on the other hand we are talking about the same guy who wants to wait to have sex with Jill to be sure to love it, could never support the death of his father. Jill at the moment does not include neither the father nor the boyfriend, at first blames the removal of the only maternal figure with whom he has a sincere relationship and serene, the second scolding waiting for sex; actually remembering her old friends, Michael must be bananas as Kevin. I wonder what would she think of her brother; by Laurie we discover that the history of the magical embrace inherited from Holy Wayne was a great lie, used because with just "believe" people could feel better. Tom is gone because he hated more than lie and the promo for the next episode we learn that this is accompanied by Meg. I don't know if I'm more concerned about what we reserve these two or for the fate of Kevin!


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