The Leftovers – 2×08 International Assassin – Review by R.


If a show manages to keep you glued to the tv despite until the end is impossible to tell if you witness of reality, dream, post mortem or whatever, then with this season you are outdoing. And if this show is The Leftovers, such an assessment is even more significant considering the departure on the backburner of season one.

Kevin Garvey It is again the protagonist and already this is good thing. After the dramatic end of previous week, We find our former policeman while awakens in the bathtub of a hotel room: a Renaissance directly christened. Still confused, is this message "Know first who you are and then adorn yourself accordingly" and a set of clothes from which choice depends on who will be in the hours following: a policeman of Mapleton, a white suit style Guilty Remnant, an elegant black and religious clothing. I was in doubt between uniform and full black, but considering that life as a policeman he left behind for a while, the second seemed the most likely choice. So it is indeed, but I hadn't reckoned that was clothing of an international Assassin. Spatio-temporal dimension where, clothes make the monk and Kevin is Kevin Harvey, an international Assassin by virtue of his job is likely just to be killed by what brings you flowers.


You know those dreams where seemingly everything is normal, but actually everything there seems to be something wrong? This is the overwhelming feeling of the episode. Kevin is in a hotel where the only weird thing is a bird flutters to the hall, Yet it is inevitable to wonder where he is really. When I was expecting that it would ask the receptionist "That city is that out there?"as Kevin McCallister in Mom, I lost the plane!, Virgil appears in the role of concierge giving some meaning to it all, even his own death. Michael's grandfather was killed and is now with Kevin to accompany him on his journey into what more we explore it more looks like a limbo of souls with outstanding accounts, a kind of Purgatory in short; After all just heard his name, We immediately thought to Virgil to Dante so that now guide Virgil to Kevin at that hotel really has its logic. In the garage of the hotel, Virgil explains to Kevin that is there to kill permanently Patti, only then will be over and you'll come home. Garvey has one occasion: a meeting with Terms such as financier of his campaign; Yes, Patti Levine is running for President of the United States of America! Something strange, but not so much if we think about how capable as a leader of Guilty Remnants. One shot and you're done, It would seem simple, also too. And indeed from there onwards the feeling is that every minute there is something ready to go wrong. Virgil besides warns him not to hesitate and don't be fooled by that woman who "thinks in spirals and helixes and zigzags and circles". Seem to the premises of an exorcism.


Patti staff are part Gladys and Holy Wayne. The woman who had become stoning for cause submits his polygraph to protect Kevin assisted. The proof is exceeded when Garvey responds to why smoke repeating one of the principles of "Guilty" Remnants "smoke to remember that the world ended" and the machine will not so – I really think? Wayne is a member of the security and admit that if he hadn't told Kevin, "I feel like I was sitting on the toilet the last time I met you" I would not have recognized. Both put Kevin on who goes there, but never as Patti comes even to ask Wayne to shoot Kevin when he appoints – against the signs of Gladys – her ex-husband, Neil; as a joke, but, the spiritosona! As usual however are his speeches to keep on alert and to reflect our Kevin. Garvey exposes the truth of where do you advocate Patti "You want to destroy families": in a world where at any moment you can lose loved ones, true strength is not feel love and affection for someone. Kevin however intend to kill that woman and according to the latter who want to assassinate don't for opposition to your mission, but because the share. So with Garvey? Apparently Kevin is doing this in order to live peacefully with her new family and also rejected bitterly the idea of wanting to kill yourself. We are talking about the same man who despite not having lost none for the Rapture, indirectly because of the latter still had to watch the crumbling of his old family; that sense of abandonment and fear that Laurie attributed the hallucination Patti, It might instead push it to reject secretly that new family that claims to hold so much?


Kevin retrieves the gun, shoot to Gladys and Wayne and is ready to shoot at Patti, but claims to be a doppelganger specially recruited. It seems the trick mentioned in Virgil, We can't believe you; and Garvey in fact abandons, kills Patti, but nothing happens: the man is still there in the hotel, without anyone to guide him. All too simple, precisely. Until a brief and sincere conversation with the ungrateful father of the little girl who had earlier saved in pool, makes the picture clearer and complex at the same time. That man is Neil, the ex-husband of Patti, and the baby is not her daughter, but the same Terms from small. Are you Kevin must delete: not the woman hard and sometimes cruel in charge of Guilty Remnants, but an innocent child and mistreated. This is the toughest test that Kevin must overcome, kill a child, pushing her into the well of Jarden, what the myth is as a link between the world of the living and the spirits. The small Patti is adorable and when a man gives a further Miracle limits choice to Kevin – kill the girl or commit suicide – the suspicion that Garvey can't go now and there is strong. But Kevin makes, with a sudden gesture pushes her into the well, not without profound inner difficulties. Only the request for help by Patti, now an adult in the bottom of the well, the collecting: Kevin falls into the well and is near, listen to her story and especially fear that the woman confesses to try. Garvey killed Patti leader, the Terms child and now drowns the adult and fragile Pacts we've never known if not in flashback episode of the first season. An earthquake destroys the well and im trying to get out of the rubble, Kevin instead emerges/reborn from the land where Michael had him buried, the same when his mother buried birds.


There are many specialties in this episode. The hotel I moved Kevin sees the presence of Patti, Virgil, Gladys and Holy Wayne, all deceased characters. Virgil warns Garvey to never drink water from that place, but then he himself to drinking it and from there it no longer recognizes the ex-COP; Gladys makes sense when Garvey refusing water despite the lie detector unmasks his thirst; Wayne would drink water, While Patti doesn't want a shot. Kevin crosses also characters from the hidden face wearing the clothes of her closet that had discarded. But Garvey revises especially his father, through a strange experience via the tv that acts as a link between Australia and the size where is Kevin. It is precisely the old Garvey telling him he must bring Patti at the well.

The adventure of Patti to the American game show Jeopardy reveals the origins of the power of silence then used as a distinctive feature of Guilty Remnants.

Heave a sigh of relief for the life of Kevin Garvey, at least for the time being. We'll see if we can really say goodbye to terms and in the meantime let us ask ourselves if another goodbye coming soon: the hotel Kevin meets a man with blue balloons meant to Mary Jamison. Given the current state of health of several hotel guests, I would be very worried if I were Matt for pregnancy. In any case, between this episode, the questions continue and the General performance of the season, I'd say the comment by Michael in front of the rebirth of Kevin, is the most suitable: Holy shit!


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